auto-publisher-logo4Hello, my name is Ivin Viljoen and I’m the Editor-in-Chief here. That title just means I’ve been writing most of the articles and building the platform, along with occasional help of some industry professionals.

My claim to fame is that I have written my first book in 3 days and published that book in two weeks paving the way for me to become a self publishing expert.

I have ever been trying to start a Church and after my seventh year realized that perhaps that was not what I was supposed to do. Even though ministry has always made me excited, and preaching even more, my struggles have made me realize that I am in the wrong business. I have a dream, as Dr. Martin Luther King once said, and that is to write.

I am of the opinion that to have published ones work is the pinnacle in writers’ success. And that I have set out to do. I have been blogging since 2006 and forged a successful blog by the end of 2007 writing a column from a Christian perspective. I have written thousands of articles, many of them published on the internet, wrote a Bible College curriculum, wrote scripts for a Cartoon series and wrote a couple books of which one is already published.

My dream since I was little was to become a writer. Always trying to preach the way I write, I realized even though I have pretty much honed the craft of public speaking, I had many mountains to conquer in this business. I figured since I have a passion for it, and it formed such a big part of my ministry, I might as well pursue doing it for a living writing with a purpose.

Going through around a month of planning, I eventually started my self publishing blog, Authopublisher. After ten months I managed some great metric milestones, but at the same time, the blog became a multi-author blog. Those great professionals made up a team of around ten writers that got this blog an award for best publishing blog.

have been interviewed a couple times and the sites been reviewed here. Having  a fair measure of success and being fairly well connected, I have access to the best and most current information.

This blog is my baby and it’s my #1 priority. I want you to know I strive to be the best, have a reputable platform with great writers and a thriving community. I read every comment and try to respond to all of them personally. Feel at home and become part of the family.

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Let’s dream and make it happen!

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Ivin Viljoen

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