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Authopublisher is now offering it’s readers and peers advertising opportunities. To advertise on this blog means reaching a plethora of industry leaders, opportunity seekers and casual observers in the writing and publishing niche.

Before going through the rest of this post, read some reviews of this blog below.

Sharon Hurley Hallof GetPaidToWriteOnline
Justin Germino of DragonBlogger
Gian Faye from Loading Info

Will & Carissa from Will & Carissa
Cyn P. from Almost About Anything

I’ve also bee reviewed by my peers on Alexa (All 5 stars).

50 Sites linking in, they include:

John Chow
Yaro Starak
Zack Johnson
Blazing Minds
Kristy Hines
(Not all of these links have been placed by the author, a few have been built by commenting or guest blogging.)

Niches/Industries we represent.

Digital Publishing
Social Media Enthusiasts

…and of course everything connected to each of their industries.

This blog targets the following keywords.

Self Publishing Blog (Rank #20 on Page 2 of Google amidst 52.3m search results. 28 February 2013)
Self Publishing Expert (#37 with an article on my blog – all directing traffic back to here. 28 February 2013).

Social Media.

I currently concentrate on Twitter as social media platform. It is the third highest source of traffic for my blog next to organic search results and traffic from Google. Here are some details:

Twitter count.

The followers on my Twitter account are 90% targeted followers according to the niches we produce content on.

Content Marketing

  • My Twitter account receives reminders of random old posts. Which means if you advertise in the sidebar or the top banner, you will receive exposure from them as well. It also means that if you purchase a review of your product, service, site or blog, you will have promotion on my Twitter account for as long as the blog exists.
  • Every post that’s posted gets promoted on the day for 24 hours from time of post.

Here are some notes from (The standard for influence) Regarding my Twitter account:

  • Ivin Viljoen creates content that is spread throughout their network and drives discussions.
  • Ivin Viljoen generates a steady flow of actions and discussions.
  • @authopublisher creates a tidal wave of responses, conversations and ReTweets within each update.
  • @authopublisher is able to create content that generates a very large response.
  • @authopublisher creates content that generates a large number of ReTweets.
  • Ivin Viljoen is engaged by influences
  • @Authopublisher creates great content that is spread across a large number of distinct networks.
  • @authopublisher carefully decides which followers to follow back.
  • Ivin Viljoen has a strong true reach
  • @Authopublisher has built a pretty large network of targeted followers.

You are welcome to verify these claims on Klout. My Twitter account has also been graded by TwitterGrader as 98.3/100.


At this moment traffic comes from different places and they are seasonal. Here are some stats and details:

2013-02-28 08-00-52 AM

Count. As per the time of this post, the traffic count stats stands at the following per month:

  • Unique visits – 25,586/m
  • Pageviews – 295,594/m
  • Blog hits – 485,046/m

International reach.

We reach is well balanced. Most our visitors come from America, and then, a great compliment is that our next country we reach is South Africa, which is home to this blog.

(rank of all time). Traffic sources (Top 15):

  1. Organic Google search
  2. Direct traffic (entering via URL)
  3. Jumpvine
  4. Feedburner
  5. Twitter
  6. Stumbleupon
  7. Blogengage
  8. Facebook
  9. The Passive Voice
  10. BlogTopSites
  11. TalkReviews
  13. Twitterfeed
  14. Yahoo
  15. Zac Johnson

Top Posts (Top 15).

  • Guest Post Invitation
  • Mentoring Program winners
  • Choosing names for your novels characters (Posted on 23 September 2010)
  • Amanda Hocking’s Pricing Strategy
  • 101 Twitter tips
  • Blog Tribe Collaborations
  • Monetization Method bloggers Miss
  • Interview: Up close And Personal With Colin Wright
  • Automating Writing Through Dragon Transcriber
  • How To Write Nate Doggs Biography
  • James Redfield’s Self Publishing Story
  • Akismet anti Spambot Plugin
  •  Write Books Quickly
  • How Self Publishers Can Make The Most Of Google
  • Meaningful Word for Memorial Services

As you may see me and my team write good quality articles, a lot of these post positions are because of networking and collaborating with key bloggers in the blogosphere. We don’t just offer our expertise, influence and impact, but also all those standing beside me and working with me. [Please note that these do not include spambots or robot visitors - they are not counted by my host]

Influence and promotion.

My influence grows everyday. This is because of a lot of guest posting that I do. For more information on the blogs I guest post at feel free to visit my About page (expanding this blogs reach and influence – ads not for sales through this page).

Here is a quote on the Klout Website of my social media influence that is impacted by this blog alone:

Ivin Viljoen may not be a celebrity, but within his area of expertise his opinion is second to none. His content is likely focused around a specific topic or industry with a focused, highly-engaged audience.

Cost of advertising.

Now that I’ve put enough honey around your mouth contact me through my contact page at the top and make a proposal.

Subscribe to my blog feed here.

Follow me on Twitter.

Subscribe to my Self Publishing Youtube Channel here.

Stop dreaming and make it happen!

Ivin Viljoen

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