Akismet Vs. Growmap Anti-Spambot

Hello my valued readers.

I am constantly trying to better everything on this blog; be it the writing to provide value, or the technical side to give my readers a great experience. I have been on a blog called ‘I Need Discipline’, and how appropriate is the blog title? I’m doing a lot of freelancing work lately and I’ll tell you, it’s difficult juggling two jobs and a blog. But, here I am.

I visited previously mentioned blog and came across a very nifty plugin. Do you know Akismet? I’ll tell ya, everybody swears by it. And I mean everybody in the blogging empire business cannot stop either raving about it, or suggesting it is absolutely essential. Well,  I have been using Akismet since I started this blog back in September ’10 and I still have 1650 blog comments I need to go through to separate the spam chaff from the comment wheat. I don’t know when I’ll get to finish that, and I know a blog loses users if their comments are not moderated on a daily basis.  So I came across the…

Growmap AntiSpambot Plugin

I don’t want to give you a boring write-up, you can get that here. What Growmap does is place a small checkbox underneath your comment box (around there where the CommentLuv and ‘Sub if you want all the comments to come to your inbox’  checkbox). And if you want your comment to appear on the blog (which spammers want, because they think it gives them backlinks and they promote whatever cheese they are promoting), you have to check the box saying ‘Confirm you are not a spammer’ – and the last time I heard, a spam bot can’t do that.

I think, along with my other favorites, this plugin is the best thing since sliced bread. The problem for me is I want to encourage comments on my site so people can receive linklove and a small community may be created. I have also thought comments should equal traffic, and that hypothesis appears to be hogwash. I used to sit in front of my wife’s PC while I’m waiting for her and go through the spam comments Akismet has banned and separate the spam from the ones that may seem legitimate. I even had some people complain that their comments aren’t appearing.

I already have a lot to do, and going through the Akismet-process just adds to my load. And besides, I wanted to know who are real people and start a conversation with them, but with Akismet its difficult to tell the difference. I reckon with Growmap all this hassle will be sorted. If you want your comment here, you have to click the check box saying ‘click to confirm you are not a spammer’. It makes sense, because I was tired of replying to peoples commented with a ‘L’ on my forehead.

I have exchanged Akismet (which you needed an API Key for) for Growmap and I will give you an update here as my experience progresses.

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Stop dreaming and make it happen!

Ivin Viljoen

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Ivin Viljoen is the Editor-in-Chief of Authopublisher, an award winning blogger and recent father of a beautiful baby boy.

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33 Responses to “Akismet Vs. Growmap Anti-Spambot”

  1. I know this is off topic, but where did you get your theme?

  2. I’m looking for a new blogging platform… Any suggestions.

  3. I am using Commentluv+, like on this site. It comes with GASP and works great in terms of stopping spams.
    Meena Thakur recently posted..Free Xbox LIVE Gold Codes: Truth or MythMy Profile

  4. Thanks for sharing this post with us. The post is really interesting. Keep posting the good work in future too.

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  6. The blog is truly fantastic! Lots of great inspiration, which we all need!b Keep ‘em coming… you’ve done such a great job very appreciating… can’t tell you how much I’m pleased from your work.

  7. Yes I do agree that it is plugin for wordpress and blogspot. I’d seen in my blog but it’s paid. I’d heard about it alot but never used.
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  8. You have no idea how learning that I’m not the only one into Akismet is such a relief! Personally, I don’t like how Akismet bans people who aren’t supposed to be spammers just because of their ‘powerful’ keyword filter. This is the first time that I’ve heard of Growmap but I seem to approve its methods. Akismet seems more like a trap to your guests; Growmap allows more people to interact within your blog.
    Carmen recently posted..Successfully Learn French NowMy Profile

  9. Does anyone know what is the basis of Akismet’s anti bot spam? Is it the URL or IP address?

  10. Mostly people use aksimet as compare to other programs. It is good for it.

    • Yes but if you get thousands of comments weekly, time that should be spent on producing content and growing your business is spent on moderating content. With Growmap, only real people go through. WQith Akismet, unless you sit and modrate the whole day, no-one gets through. That was mainly why GASP was created.
      Ivin recently posted..Market Your Book-Blog like Lady GagaMy Profile

  11. Looks like a good plugin, although obviously not 100% reliable as you have at least one spam comment on this page already!

    I think it would work well in conjunction with Akismet as it would get rid of the majority of bots while Akismet can filter out the rest.

    • Hi Tim. I don’t see a spam comment. IF you’re talking about webcam grils, I didn’t configure the plugin properly, so now, trackbacks are now also banned. Which is a bad thing in a way. But I don’t have time to moderate 400 trackbacks spam daily.

      So, if that’s what youy’
      re referring to, no spam in that way. Not anymore anyway.
      Ivin recently posted..Advertise on AuthopublisherMy Profile

  12. Its really very good plugins especially for spammer. I have been using since last 6 month.

  13. I am actually using it and so far I have zero spam comments. I’m glad you are using it.

  14. Thanks for the comment Gail. I really love this plugin. Can you have a look at my blog now, in the top right hand corner I put a follow me button. Would that be efficient. Or should I do it some other way?

  15. Thank you for helping spread the word about this plugin. It only exists because Phil Hollows at FeedBlitz encouraged Andy Bailey at CommentLuv to create it because spam was sinking my blog.

    You know first-hand how unappealing having 1650 comments in your spam folder to slog through. Imagine having 1000+ PER DAY coming in! And that is just in one blog – I manage a dozen.

    For me, this plugin saves me and others hours and hours. I had actually resorted to asking other bloggers to help me moderate the spam at GrowMap. All of our time is better spent elsewhere now.

    I shared this post using su.pr and included your Twitter username. To do that I had to use a search engine to find it. Even though it is the same as the name of your blog others won’t know that so if you will put your Twitter username on your blog – ideally somewhere near the upper right and so that searching the page for the word “Twitter” will find it – more people like me will include it when sharing your content.

    That will get you more Twitter followers (because anyone who liked something they read here can then follow you) and once they’re following you on Twitter you have a chance for them to see your new content over there which reminds them to come back – so you get more readers here too.
    Gail Gardner recently posted..Business Blogging Tips- Top Advice from 31 Bloggers Totally Free DownloadMy Profile


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