Up Close and Personal with Carol Sankar.

Hello Carol, and welcome to Authopublisher.com. It’s nice to have you with us.

Thank you for having me as a guest. I am truly honored

You are a self published author, tell us what your book is called and what is it about?

Yes, I am a self-published author. My latest book is entitled, Cheers! To Your Success: Removing Fear From Your Vocabulary So You Can Walk Into Your Destiny. The book is a compellation of 14 visionaries who share stories of struggle and how they were determined to overcome and become successful!

Tell us a little bit about your writing process? What methods do you use to write and how did you make it through the grueling process of writing your book?

As a non-fiction writer, I usually tap into a process of outlining a mission statement for the book, which includes what I would like the reader to gain from the book. I then format the ‘reason’ for the book from life experiences and include a few samples as a guide. It is a process that has worked for me throughout the years.

Explain to us the process you took to get your book published, from formatting your manuscript to preparing it for print all the way to getting an ISBN and the book cover design.

The process was fairly simple in my opinion. The first step in the process of self-publishing is to purchase the ISBN number. I always tell my clients that it is the book’s social security number. Purchase the ISBN number is advance so you can execute your marketing plan ASAP.

Then I formatted the book. A simple process, however, for this process I outsourced it to a local formatting specialist in the area. However, formatting your book is something that is fairly simple. Just determine the size of the book and the overall dimensions, and then format Word to the settings. However, it is time consuming, so if time is not on your side, outsource it.

The book cover was also another outsourced project. I had a graphic designer join my team and provided him with a theme and he designed a wonderful book cover, which was simple, but made the perfect statement.

Then I forwarded the book to print with a private printer for a short-run production, which worked best for the purpose of the book.

Did you use the services of a book coach or a self publishing company to help you though the process or did you do it yourself? Tell us about your experiences.

I did the book myself. I wanted to understand and be involved in every step of the process, so I researched tons of resources and shopped around for the best deals until I came across the one, which matched my agenda and marketing campaign.

What would you do differently with the publishing of your next book?

My next book would have a much larger marketing campaign. Although I have sold a great deal of books with the campaign which I designed, I would like an expanded base which includes churches, schools, non profit organizations and much more.

How did you market your book? Can you share some of your creative/non-conventional ways/secrets on how you sold your book?

Some of the marketing tips I have implemented on my marketing campaign are: Social Media, Newsletters, Press releases, Radio interviews, Free give-aways, Car magnets, Website exposure, Auto responders, Promotional items such as cards, flyers, t-shirts, etc

You have a business website, what need did you recognize in your dealing that inspired you to write a book.

 The primary reason I wrote Cheers! To Your Success is at the time the concept came to me, I was witnessing how so many people where giving up on their dreams. They had become victim of the recession and were not looking forward to how to develop a winning mindset to adjust to changing times. In understand that many people were affected by the economic downturn, but others are living through it and surviving in abundance. I wanted to showcase people who understood how adversity had impacted their lives, however, they did not allow it to drown their spirit. The journey was long, but they never gave up. I think that people can learn valuable life long lessons about the power of persistence and belief.

You offer various coaching and consulting services. What role will your book play in presenting your programs and helping people after your services have been rendered.

I use my books in my coaching practice as promotional items. I use them as back of the room sales items or as conclusion call sales items.

You authored two pervious books, tell us about them and how they served as tools in building your business and contributing to its success.

The previous books I published are Wholesaling 101 and Success Principles.

Wholesaling 101 is a step by step guide for aspiring real estate investors to jumpstart their real estate investing careers with little to no money out of pocket. The premise is to make a basic guide to help aspiring investors understand the process without all of the intimidating real estate jargon.

Success Principles are a compellation of inspirational quotes, which I wrote to help people take 30 days of consistent action to improve their lives.

Tell us a little more about your Millionaire Mindset Club.

The Millionaire Mindset Coaching Club is a collection of programs which are designed to help start up entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. We offer entrepreneurship coaching, book analysis and coaching, product development and much more. This program is affordable and can be done as a group or one-on-one.

Tell us a little about Inspired Living Press. What inspired you to start the company and what is your vision for building the brand to where authors want to become part of your stable.

Inspired Living Press was really a gift I my life. For many years, I wanted to start my own publishing company, but I was not brave enough to do it. Then, nearly two years ago, I received an offer to team up with another publisher. At the time, I thought it was a great idea, however, my life started to take another direction. So I decided that I wanted to create my own imprint rather than be limited by another imprint that may not match my mission, so I birth Inspired Living Press in 2010. We have a few clients on our agenda already and still looking for more. The stories we look for at Inspired Living are non-fiction from people who really can inspire a crowd.

You are, what I would call, ‘media fit‘. How do tele-seminars, webinars and radio shows form part of your overall marketing plan and how does it influence your book sales?

Wow….I love webinars and radio shows especially. I think so many people underestimate the power of marketing their business through live content; therefore they stick with facebook and twitter and never try anything else. The webinars and radio shows have really increased my media presence and have increased sales in my business tremendously. When you are on the radio, you can sell yourself to the audience and showcase where your book fits into their lives. I dedicate each month to a minimum of 5 radio shows and 4 webinars. I have watched as book sales increase each time I am featured.

I have written quite extensively on this subject, but please tell the readers how powerful publishing a book is to start your road into becoming recognized as an expert.

I cannot stress this enough….your target audience will not consider you an expert until you publish a book. A book adds lasting credibility. Books have a much longer shelf life. I tell all of my clients and perspective clients as well; travel to your local book retailer and take a moment to browse the isles. There are a ton of books written by people we would never consider as an expert, but the book turned their credibility around. Everyone from politicians, newscasters, cooks, child care givers and much more all playing published authors and expanding their influence through their books.

Tell us a little about the concept of your upcoming series ‘Build a Business with a Book‘.

Build a Business with a Book is my new program, which will launch in June/July 2011. The program is all about showing people how to use a book as a launching pad to build a profitable business. We will be discussing topics such as : marketing, branding, publishing, and expanded opportunities. This program will also discuss the do’s and don’ts of self publishing as well as

Share with us the different platforms you use to sell your book (bookstores, signing, affiliate programs, website etc.).

I am using two different websites; one for the book and one for my own business, Amazon, Barnes & Noble with making a Nook version available, Book signings and affiliate programs integrated into my business website.

Do you use social media in book promotion, and if so, which platforms work best for you? Can you share some tricks you got making it work for you?

Social media is a key component in marketing today. If you are not using social media for marketing, you are missing out on sales and networking opportunities. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are crucial. The key to success in using these social media outlets is consistency. Join several networking groups and engage in purposeful conversations within the group. Post relevant dialogue and encourage others to comment as well. You can creatively ‘plug’ your book within your conversations and posts so others can join.

Care to share some numbers? How many books have you sold to date?

My book is currently in the pre-order stage. It was released on March 28, 2011 online and over the past 30 days we have managed to sell almost 400 books. The book has not even hit the book stores yet, which will be disbursed in June/July 2011 with an expanded sales base within several retail chains, bookstores and websites.

How was your book first two books received? Has it been reviewed? What was your response to the reviews?

My first book was reviewed by several real estate guru’s and did very well in the real estate market. My second book was really a promotional item for my clients.

The book review is an essential part of ensuring the success of the book. We are still processing a few reviews, which have recently been received and will be annexed on the back cover with the book.

How do you handle negative feedback from critics?

There will always be negative critics who will not agree with the mission of the book. The easiest way to handle it is to reaffirm the purpose and mission of the book to the readers.

Do have any future projects you’d like to tell us about?

I am currently working on Cheers! To Your Success 2 which will feature some powerful women who will inspire our readers to walk into their destiny and dream BIG!

Thank you for being on Authopublisher, Carol, and I hope to hear from you again!

 I would like to thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this purposeful and informative forum. It was truly a pleasure. For more information about my new book Cheers! To Your Success or any of my products and services, feel free to visit www.CarolSankarEnterprises.com or www.CheersToYourSuccessBook.com. Stay tuned for the official release coming to a book store near you this summer! Remain Successful, Carol Sankar

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