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Conjunctive Adverbs

Andy got reminded of the use of conjunctions in the weirdest place. Read all about it in his return column.

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Do It YOURSELF: 8 Things You Can Do To Get A Business Breakthrough.

Every New Year’s Resolution is not the same yet everyone wants to make a change. What can you do when nobody is there for you and you’re all by YOURSLEF?

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Soft Launch Of The Authopublisher Forum.

The forum is ready for testing. I am super excited about it, and although I don’t think it is quite ready for commercial use yet, I think I would like my readers to test it out first – kinda like a beta test.

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Hottest New Twitter Trend For Writers – #amwriting Hashtag.

Okay, I know it’s not a trend that’s on Twitter current trend list (I’m sure it was tend before), but this is something to look out for and get connected to.

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Will Nelson Mandela’s Death Boost the Publishing Industry?

I promised my readers a controversial post and here it is. How will Mandela’s death (when he dies) impact the publishing industry and how many people will exploit them. I ask very tough questions and make a couple predictions in this post that you may well consider.

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Humbling Yourself Constantly – A Lesson You DON’T Have To Learn The Hard Way.

I just finished a job that was grueling and tough to finish. But the sweet taste of working for myself (after hours) still resulted in me having to also eat humble pie.

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Forum coming soon!

Every pace setting business/website/blog/service provider should have a forum where members come together to suss out their problems and eventually form a community of problem solvers that make life easier for every member in the industry. We have recognized a need for that and will soon provide yet another great service.

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