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FAITH It Until You Make It

Derrick makes a Derriknymn of faith and breaks it down practically and how you can make it apply to you.

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Get out the DITCHionary

In a literal sense, you can get into a ditch easily, and sometimes it may not even be your fault. It may just be challenges you’re facing.. Derrick helps you out!

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Derrick Hayes is feeling quilty because his main girl Birtha (Book) found out about his side friend, Margie (Magazine). He is caught up between the two… Who is he gonna choose?… Can he solve it through the word LITERARY?

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START UP or Shut Up

When you START UP you Shut Up your critics and turn a lie into a try. Derrick wrote this to inspire everyone who has a great business idea but never gave it a START UP.

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Every day we have great ideas through words and pictures that could tell stories and promote our mission if we had a blog in place. Now BLOG On It !!

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Have you ever looked everywhere for something but all along it was right THERE next to you?

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Derrick shares a motivating story about a friend called LANCE (Love, Action, Nurturing, Confidence, and Establish himself)

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