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Steps to Publishing Success

Following three big but simple steps you can make a major success of publishing your book yourself in ebook format.

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Cape Town Book Fair

I had a look at the Cape Town book Fair today and found out that it’s been postponed. I have a feeling it’s going to be worth the wait. Check ou8t the details as I review it’s great features.

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Self Publishing for Bloggers – Get Established as an Expert.

I have developed a method for bloggers to self publish their expertise and become established as an expert in their field.

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What is a Magazine?

“I understand it when I see it,” is maybe the only universally agreeable way of defining a magazine. The dictionary definition is also quite appropriate: ‘A publication that is issued periodically, typically bound in a paper cover, and normally contains essays, stories, poems, etc., by numerous writers, and often photographs and drawings, commonly specializing in […]

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Want To Know Who’s Buying Your Books? Here’s 5 Ways To Find Out.

One of the largest challenges authors face is finding out who’s purchasing their books. Unless the authors are offering their books themselves, which is usually extremely time-consuming, it is normally impossible for authors to develop relationships with readers who buy their books from bookstores and autonomous distributors. Yet, an author’s future profits depend on their […]

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Publishing Tips: The 4-11 On The ISBN Code

When HTML, CSS and javascript form part of code essential for anything online and web development, an ISBN is an essential code to any self-publisher. Let’s look at the ISBN closely.

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Market Your Book or Business with a Dedicated Day!

The latest in ?Marketing genius is dedicating a day to your product to create awareness and a following that translates into sales. Read how it works!

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