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Adverbial Modifiers | Adverbs

In this post Andy Bryant discusses modifiers in English grammar and the implications of proper adverb usage.

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It Was Coincidence, I Swear!

Renee examines a mistake many writers make – using luck and coincidence to move a story forward, instead of character motivation and action.

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Verbal Verbs

Andy Bryant shares the correct use of verbs as related to English grammar.

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RIP Typewriters

Yep, typewriters are no more as the last manufacturer has stopped making them today. We have an expression here in South Africa that the effect would be that typewriters will become as scarce as chicken teeth. Anyway, their value will go up and be sought after no doubt.

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World Book Day – Books talking, Charlie Sheen and Tigerblood

What has Charlie Sheen got to do with World Book Day? Well, you should listen to the one and not the other. Books are talking are you listening them of to charlie Sheen. Cause the one is lacking a little something and the other will make you wise.

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Bart Simpson Turns 32 – What is his influence?

Bart Simpson turns 32 today. I have a look at his influence on society and how that relates to you and me in the world and social media. I ask penitent questions about our intentions with influence to.

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