Don’t Leave Me NAKED

I pulled out a piece of paper and I heard a voice speak through the 8×11 sheet of paper that I gently placed on the table.

“Don’t Leave Me NAKED, I like to be dressed up with consonants and vowels, stories that make people laugh, indentions and paragraphs. All of my relatives have made it into the books of bestselling authors. My life is in your hands. Please use the word NAKED so I won’t end up NAKED and explain the process of going from a blank piece of paper to have me in stores all over the world.”

As crazy as it sounds I listened because it could have been the voice from you waiting for these words to make your dreams come true.

The N is for Nothing.

If you have never written a book before you are at ground zero. If you have written a book before you are back in the starting blocks getting ready to give the world book number 2. Think about what you want to write about and how you want it to look. Before you take off writing spend time in your mind so that when you go there will be flow. I look forward to seeing you on the Bestsellers list. You have nothing lose.

 The A is for Action.

 Put your thoughts into practice one word at a time. If you like to keep your writing simple start off by developing quotes, questions of the day or tips that can help empower someone. When your confidence elevates look into writing stories, commercials, jingles and songs. The first line leads to a completed paragraph. A paragraph gives us a story and stories give us books. What chapter in your life needs to be told? If you want to personalize your message look at what you have or have not accomplished for starting points when you put your pen to the paper.

The K is for Keep.

Everyone has a destiny for when their name will be called into the lights. Too many people give up just before they were to receive the call that would change their life forever. Keep going. Michael Jackson sang it best, “Don’t Stop Until You Get Enough.” Keep things fresh. Learn new ways to tell the same stories. Keep alert. Match your writing with the trends that are happening now.

 The E is for Evaluate.

Have the courage to ask someone close to you or one who professionally edits or reviews books to give you feedback on your work. One idea that someone gives you can make the difference in how your book comes to life. Constructive criticism can give you a boost in the write direction. Learn from what the experts have to say. Look for ways to improve and become the next writing guru.

The D is for Deliver.

Now is the time to put a book up or shut up. In the same 30 minutes it takes for Dominoes to deliver a pizza you could have written a book. How can you produce a book so fast? Start with articles, reports and stories that you have already written. Add a book cover, turn it into a PDF and sell it as an ebook. Two things you need to be able to sell an ebook are a way to collect the money and a way to send your downloaded file to the consumer. E-Junkie is a great service that charges you up to $5 per month that allows you to sell up to 10 downloadable products. E-Junkie works well with Pay Pal to help you sell downloads and collect money during transactions.
When you start with Nothing and take Action your dream will Keep going and when properly Evaluated it will Deliver great results so no piece of paper will ever again have to say, “Don’t Leave Me NAKED”

Your Turn.

What do you think on writing your first book?

Imasge courtesy of Nuttakit.

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About Derrick Hayes

Derrick Hayes is the Author of 1 WORD Is All It Takes, Creator of Derricknyms, Developer of the app Motivation To Your Mobile, Nominator of Today's Honoree, and blogs as the Encouragement Speaker. Derrick Hayes is available to present or do Derricknym signings at your next meeting, conference or event. Feel free to donate to the cause.

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29 Responses to “Don’t Leave Me NAKED”

  1. I suspect my experiences with writing my first novel are much like everyone else’s; the important thing is just to stick with it. It’s always so easy when you’re first starting out, then you get to 30,000 words and the prose just starts drying up. You keep writing paragraphs knowing as you type that you’re just going to cut them again in editing. It’s a real slog.

    The important thing is to keep going. Don’t worry too much about making every page a masterpiece, once you have a first draft finished it becomes much easier to go over it an make improvements; and you’ll feel much happier about doing so.

    Persistence is the name of the game.

  2. I think the step more difficult to follow, psychologically speaking, is the E point, ​​especially for a beginner, who hardly will be able to accept critics that question his/her writing.

  3. great tips, my new years resolution is to concentrate more on my writing and blogging business,I have a lot of great ideas and I think putting my ideas into practice one word at a time is a great idea, thanks for the inspitation, will let you know how i got on

  4. Paper is just like blog site that needs to be developed by the owner to maintain it’s quality and uniqueness!Thanks for sharing!!!
    tracey recently posted..PPIMy Profile

  5. The tips are really eye openers for those who are trying their luck on the writing and blogging business. But for everything that has been said on the post, “E” as to evaluate should be really applied to get criticisms may it be negative or positive.

  6. Hey Derrick,

    Writing a book is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. It kind of intimidates me everytime I think about it. I appreciate the advice you’ve given here, especially “A”. I have a lot of great ideas and I think putting my ideas into practice one word at a time is a great idea that should help get me going.
    John recently posted..Fundamental Classical Guitar Lessons For BeginnersMy Profile

  7. I think the hardest of all, at least for me is “E”. It is not so easy to admit that you are not perfect and to be truly “elevated”…
    Anna recently posted..dentistsMy Profile

  8. I wish for a happy New Year Derrick, to you and your readers, too! These were some great and very smart advices to start writing a book from the begging. I would only add patience; because writing a book for a first time is a long term business until it is published.
    Nick recently posted..Vibram Five Fingers Review and CouponMy Profile

  9. great blog, your tips dont necessarily need to be applied soley to writing a book, but your guideline can be applied to many other aspects of “writing” in general. am sure you`ll help a lot of people

  10. Hi Derrick! I really like this article, very catchy and inspiring! I am an aspiring writer and I do my best to fulfill my dream. I’m still starting off and I have made it a habit to write regularly. This way, I never forget or run out of ideas.

    I hope you have a happy New Year!

  11. I can now understand the true meaning of the NAKED indention. We all start with nothing and started to plan for better until we are about to make it prosper. And it is always up to us to make it beautiful. Paper is just like blog site that needs to be developed by the owner to maintain it’s quality and uniqueness!
    Liane Markus recently posted..לימודי נטורופתיהMy Profile

  12. Very nice advices Derrick!

    Personally, I won’t be writing be own book soon but I know your guideline can be applied to many other aspects of “writing” in general. If I decide to jump into the book publishing someday, I will take this post as a useful map!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Duy recently posted..By: black_ravenMy Profile

  13. How about SNAKED? S – spell check! Actually, this should be made while writing your book or before E – Evaluate. Nobody likes reading something misspelled.
    Martin recently posted..If Amazon manages to solve the software problem, the Kindle Fire could be an excellent product after allMy Profile

  14. Very uplifting advice! There are many ways to fight the blank page and writer’s bloc but what you offer should rank as one of the best ways.

    I would only add: trust yourself, trust your instincts and forge ahead! But then, it would spell NAKEDT which isn’t good English!
    Claude Nougat recently posted..Twittermania: Why do you tweet? Does it help marketing?My Profile

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