19 Free Ebook Promotion Sites to Help Promote Your Book.

Hey. I told you about this great community I am part of, and because I know how to make the most of a forum, I came across an awesome post from a member on the Number One Book Club called Manny de Castro. He’s got a website called PublisherHelper and having just glanced over his site, it’s definitely a place I am going to spend more time on. Find his site here. It’s still a small platform, but I encourage anyone who visits here to get involved there.

So, I can’t really take any credit for this list of free ebook promotion sites below. But what I did was check out his list, added soem meat and placed links for you to find the places better. Let’s dive in!

Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Ink features daily publishing of Free Kindle Books and Hot Deals. On any given day, there are thousands of Free Kindle Books available. Each day there are hundreds of newly free Kindle Books that they sort through to bring you what you want – the best of the bunch! In addition to Free Books, they also share some really Hot Deals on other Kindle Ebooks.

Get started with Pixel of Ink here.

Inspired Reads.

I got this site looking around on the previous one. They’re Reads is all about finding and sharing Christian Kindle Books on a Budget! If you are looking for Christian or Faith-Based Content, then you will want to visit them!

Get started with Inspired Reads Here. 

Ereader News Today

This platform features a book a day, at least. They feature Kindle accessories and great deals on Kindle books. The most important feature here, for you, is that they feature free books on their sites, sometimes daily, sometimes more than once. You can submit your free Kindlke ebooks to them to be featured and even advertise on it.

Get in touch with ENT here.

Books on the Knob

BOTK is almost the same as ENT above. It features Kindle Tools, Free and very well discounted books and provides a little bit ofsupport. I haven’t found the place where you can submit your book (because of time constraints), But, I suggest you…

Visit BOTK today.


I was looking for one of the sites suggested by Manny and I came across this one instead. Free-Ebooks.net claims to be the internet’s #1online source for free ebook downloads, resources and authors. It’s a membership site where you leverage them in your publishing, but they also offer the following:

  • Google AdSense – Use (or create) a Google AdSense account & profit from ads shown around your book!
  • Huge Exposure – Over 7.3 million unique visitors arrived at Free-eBooks.net last year.
  • Build fanbase – Gain recognition, exposure and credibility.
  • Real Time Feedback – Receive and monitor comments from your readers (reviews is VERY important on Amazon, so this may just push it).
  • Star power potential – Claim your opportunity to be featured on our Homepage, in our newsletter and more… while you become FAMOUS!


They claim to be committed to helping users find the best free ebooks available online and point readers in the right direction. Here you find downloadable e-books and textbooks in popular genres and topics such as christian books, audio books, horror, romance and many more.

Bargain Ebook Hunter

They claim to track the best ebook bargains, dedicated to hunting through the digital publishing world looking for eBooks at great deals (from FREE to $5.00) and putting them on their site to provide readers with a one-stop shopping experience.  They offer titles that comprise the full gamut of styles from short stories to novels and from all genres.

Visit Bargain Ebook Hunter here.

That Book Place.

Thatbookplace.com aims to be a new home to an exciting world of books for the internet. They wish to make it a place where authors can come and meet their fans. Where readers can come and learn of new books. They first started as a small store in 2006 and for their fifth year anniversary they decided to add an authors fair to their outdoor tent sale. They branched out into small press and Hydra Press came into being. The rest…  well. They showcase free Kindle books, have a membership and have a ‘ free promo submissions’  tab in the menu up top.

Visit That Book Place Here.

Free Kindle Fiction.

They say to bring your dragons, aliens, vampires -even sparkly ones. They claim to love dystopian, steampunk, other planets, romances, who-dun-its and other things that your imagination can form! All the books featured on their site are free at the time of posting. They share stories about free books and even have gift cards available.

Visit Free Kindle Fiction here.

Indie Book of the Day.

Indie Book of the Day (IBD) is a user powered platform that recognizes the best among Indie Authors by honoring one awesome book everyday, with the indie book of the day award. They have a menu tab for free kindle books on both Amazon’s UK and US divisions.

Get in touch with Indie Book of the Day here.

Free Book Dude

For the lack of an about page, Free Book Dude seems to be a site dedicated to book reviews. He also has a special section for free ebooks and even promotes it on a list he has. There’s a page with a special form to list your ebook on.

Find Free Ebook Dude here.

Digital Book Today.

Digital Book Today tries to inform readers of limited time offers while weeding out the ‘we are selling something’ ebooks which seems to increase in numbers every day. Our hope is to recommend titles that are ‘good reads’. They also have a special section dedicated to free ebooks.

Visit Digital Book Today.

Author Marketing Club

When you become an AMC member you will have access to the a review request system where you can put your book in front of readers who want to read and review your book, a thriving community of authors willing to share their marketing tactics and lessons, and failures, helpful advice and resources for new and experienced authors alike, specials and offers for discounted services to help you publish your book.

Visits Author Marketing Club today

Addicted to Ebooks

A2B is a membership site where authors can submit their books for exposure, features books by genre, price and content as well as promoting free ebooks. The site also features ebooks they may think is good.

Visit Addicted to Ebook here.

Flurries of Words.

Flow is a blog hosted on the Blogger platform and  do book reviews, flash fiction, interviews, bargain books and others.  Most importantly, they list free Amazon ebooks.

Visit Flurry of Words here.

The Frugal Reader.

Frugal Reader does reviews of book and I assume, because this was passed to me as a source, would alo feature free ebooks.

Visit Frugal Reader here.

Free Kindle Books n Tips.

Free Kindle Books and Tips claims to have a simple purpose; to provide a quick summary of the daily free book offerings from Amazon as well as the thousands of books, short stories, and more available for you to read on your Kindle for no charge from numerous sites in addition to the Amazon Kindle Store. This blog also provides insider tips, tricks, and information you need to impress your Kindle friends with your new-found tips, and save a little of your valuable time!

Visit Free Kindle Books n Tips.

Joey Pinkney.

I know you would find value with Jeoey Pinkney’s site. I interviewed him once, and last of what I remember, he does a interview series he calls: 5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… and then gives a free ebook away with the post to those that choose to participate by commenting. I am sure Joey would love to add a feature to his site where free ebooks are available.

Visit Joey Pinkney here.

Ebooks habit

They are a site dedicated to helping ereader readers find free ebooks. With thousands of books being free each day on Amazon, they work hard to curate a list of some of the best free ebooks, so their visitors don’t have to hunt them down themselves. Each day they produce 3-4 lists of great ebooks that are free at the time of posting, as well as some bargain books that day and other great sale prices and deals in the world of ebooks and ereaders.

Visit EbooksHabit here.

Your Turn.

In the meantime, tell me what have I missed on this list, I’d love to add your resources. Also, tell me if you read this and you’re bummed I didn’t post the whole thing in one go. Will you come back for the rest latest tomorrow?

I have some of my friends I will add as well as look at the interviews we’ve done with authors and see what they used.

I appreciate you all a lot, but have to split myself in a lot of different pieces and put on a lot of hats lately. I hope things will become normal soon!


Image courtesy of coloribus.com

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  1. Hi Ivin
    have you considered updating this list for 2014
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  2. this is a brilliant list Ivin. Really really useful :)
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  3. awesome post with excellent sites. Generally most of the business people thinks to spread their business awareness widely as soon as possible. For these people and beginners this post really helps a lot.
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  4. Nice collection of E-book Sites…I hope the above mentioned sites are very useful to us like to download and read well.
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  5. Thanks for the list! Another good site is http://www.ebook-addict.com/. Over 10k free ebooks there.
    Tim recently posted..The Jungle BookMy Profile

  6. The Cheap doesn’t list free ebooks anymore since March 1, 2013 due to Amazon policy changes.

  7. Writing a book is easier and more fun than promoting & actually selling or even giving the book away! http://freebooksbywalt.blogspot.com/

  8. Amazing lists! This are such a great resource and information! I have to admit that overall I am really impressed on your effort to jot down all of this this. Helpful job for bringing this lists to us!
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  9. My site, The Writer’s Drawer (www.thewritersdrawer.net), promotes ebooks for free. My only condition is that you also submit a piece of your creative writing (poem, short story, essay…) to the site for readers to enjoy.

  10. These sites are really interesting. I’m amazed at how big the ebooks game is and how fast self publishing is growing. It’s becoming a whole ‘nother thing on it’s own. Who would have thought? I guess there’s so many people who lounge around on the net today though and it’s at your fingertips. The world is changing.

  11. Thanks Ivin, just came across your list, so very useful!
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  12. Hey hey… I run eBooksHabit.com and we accept author subissions for free ebooks promotions.

    Thanks a ton for considering adding it!
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  13. Hi Ivin,
    Promoting an e-book is one of the cumbersome tasks that a person has to indulge into. The list provided here is great and helpful for the e-book writers. Thanks for the share.

  14. I haven’t ventured into writing an ebook just yet but I do enjoy reading the work of upcoming writers that are definitely promising :) Thanks for sharing these links! More Power!
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  15. Hi Ivin! Thanks for sharing these references, I’ll make it a point to check them one by one later on :) I’m glad that writers now have the ability to be easily recognized through these sites.

  16. Thanks Ivin,
    Really useful information you really #walk the talk , thanks for all your support and I wish you a great day.
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  17. Thanks for sharing these wonderful resources Ivin. There are so many opportunities available for new writers to be popular and go viral.

  18. Creating product awareness is one of the most important tasks associated with running any type of business. Obviously, you need to make your prospects aware that your businesses exist before you can get them to buy from you.
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    • You’re right Link. That is probably the first step to a successful business.

      You should use your own name when you comment. There a facility where you can use your name and an @ followed by your keyword and you can still get the link-love.

  19. I have to applaud Pixel of Ink for doing an amazing job! I’ve found more wonderful books through this blog/website/email than anywhere else. They promote the authors and I’ve, personally, found great success in just one posting at Pixel of Ink, because of the widespread distribution.
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  20. I think you could add Author Marketing Club. It is a great place to submit your e-Book when it goes on sale. Maybe you can start your own list with free or cheap e-books :-)
    Nik recently posted..Nursing Interview QuestionsMy Profile

  21. Hi ivin,
    wonderful collection of resources..definitely i will check it out and make use of the site which is suitable for my ebook..thanks for sharing.
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