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help free blog reportI have been blogging since 2006, but really only started going pro (if you will) since August last year. With going a little more professional with ones blog means scouring other blogs to learn, comment and collaborate. While scouring the Internet I have been learning from superstars and pros that along with a blog, wanting to build a business through it, comes a list. Ever heard this old adage ‘The money is in the list’? Well, it’s true, but how do you supercharge your list? You offer a free report.

A lot of bloggers don’t have a free report on their blogs.

So, knowing this little known fact, I realized a lot of blogs that yearn and hustle for success don’t have a free report on their blogs. I started wondering why that was and started to investigate. I found a couple very interesting points on why exactly that is.

Why don’t bloggers have free reports on their blogs?

Upon doing some research and asking my blog network some questions about it, I got some very legitimate reasons why exactly that is.

  • Bloggers don’t see themselves as authors. Writing a blog is one form of writing. Writing a book is a different story.
  • Many bloggers get discouraged with a dream or goal they may have when technical or other challenges face them. They then either give up on it or overly procrastinate. Those challenges are what I call stumbling blocks. These may include the following: being strapped for cash, it’s difficult getting the hang of self publishing, they are scared of what people may think of what they ‘put out there’ they won’t like it or accept it, some may even be too perfect and never finish what we call ‘the manuscript.
  • The potential of a free report is simply not known to them. Potential like progressively building your list, links built into them that go to affiliate products (which means income) and traffic to targeted posts.
  • They may not see the business potential of their blogs and therefore don’t care much to develop it into something better.
  • Bloggers are definitely not designers, and therefore may get stuck at the cover because it may cost a lot of money to do by a professional.
  • The final, and I think biggest thing for bloggers on having their reports done is simply: they don’t know how.

Are there solutions to these problems?

Of course, and that is what this post is all about. I have five years experience in publishing and believe I have become somewhat of an expert. I have a solution for bloggers and try inspire them to the next step. Here are some hints of the solutions I have:

  • What bloggers don’t realize is that if they’re content is targeted, of great value and cutting edge, they pretty much have their book written. With my self publishing expertise I am able to see a connection between good content and get a report written in no time at all.
  • I have solutions to all the challenges there are with getting a free report done. Although bettering your blog is not always free, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Self publishing is easy, and inexpensive, that’s why so many authors become self published and make TONS of money doing it. As a blogger you can also make money from publishing a free report. With being scared of what people may think, I offer a mentoring service and help you see your worth. I will help you show that your reports is good enough  (when it is good enough of course) and get it published.
  • I know the ins and outs of free reports (it’s my business now), and will show you how to get the best potential for making loads of money from something you give away for free.
  • Designing should worry you no more. I offer a vast collection of images and several software programs that makes this step easy as pie.
  • You need to fret no more, because I offer a mentoring program that takes the difficulty out of publishing.

So, what’s the deal?

Well, the deal is real simple. I offer a mentoring program where I will take your hand and get you publishing a free report for your blog in the utmost professional way and of the highest quality. Here are some details:

  • I guide you with writing the best report you can possibly compile.
  • I proofread and edit your report professionally.
  • I assist in formatting the document.
  • I assist you and give you the tools to do a great cover design.
  • I help you optimize affiliate links within the report.
  • I teach you how to set up your autoresponder  program.
  • I provide you with advice on what to write for your 3 month autoresponder cycle with articles and affiliate products that fit your niche.
  • I advise you on the placement of your report to harvest the most sign ups.

Is that it?

Well, yeah. PLUS…

I am there all the way offering help and support in your entire process. Here’s what makes this program extra valuable:

  • I am available to you with advice and professional assistance all the time while your going through the process.
  • I have an active support desk which is answered in 24 hours.
  • You can contact me via Skype.
  • I will help you one on one in coaching.
  • I will personally troubleshoot any problems you encounter.

So, what’s the catch?

None whatsoever. In fact everything is of great value. I discussed the price with some colleagues of mine and we looked at the value and market prices so here’s the good news:

You can now get my mentoring program to get your free report professionally done for $39 only!

Look at the market and then look at the great value and added services and tell me that’s not great value. Besides that, I offer you a three month payment plan to make it even more affordable.

On top of that, You get 60 DAYS to ask for a refund if you are not absolutely, 100% satisfied.

Get the Easy Free Report Mentoring Program Now!

Get the Easy Free Report Mentoring Program In Easy Payment Terms!

Hope to see you inside.

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You gotta hustle if you’re to make your dream happen!

help free blog report

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  1. sounds really interesting and helpfull too…. i’ll consuly my partner n get back to you very soon… this has given me lots of hope :)
    Aashish Sahni recently posted..Google To Penalize Non-Mobile Friendly Websites In Terms Of Ranking!My Profile

  2. I have a media-sharing site, and I was recently wondering if I should even maintain a list. Is your report only/primarily for bloggers?
    Sonny recently posted..Assemble a Magneto Lego MinifigureMy Profile

  3. The reason why I do not have or offer a free report is I haven’t the slightest idea what to tell anyone. I am not selling anything special. I just never thought about it honestly. But, you gave me much to ponder. Great info Irvin, thank you for this.

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