Why I’m Betting on Kindle for Self Publishing

There’s been a lot of press about Amazon’s recent launch of several new Kindle editions. While the devices themselves are interesting, what’s even more interesting to me is what it says about Amazon’s faith in the e-book market. By releasing 4 new devices, Amazon is sending a clear signal that e-readers are here to stay – and setting down a marker for the book giant’s place in this new landscape. All of this is good news for self-publishers, whether you own a Kindle or another e-reader.

E-Publishing: Here to Stay

For one, it confirms that e-publishing continues to be a great way to get your books out there. If you weren’t already convinced by John Locke’s success, then Amazon’s stake in the ground means you should be now. The company is sure that more and more people will be using e-readers and it has cleverly brought out models for each type of reader.

A Kindle for Everyone

If you are new to e-readers and want things simple, you can have the Kindle (now dirt cheap) or Kindle Keyboard (which bears an amazing resemblance to my old model.) If you want to avoid the clicks, then a Kindle Touch is your best bet. And if you love your Kindle, but want the apps and games you get with an iPad and the color capability of the iPad and Nook, then there’s the Fire. All of these are available at great prices which will wean some people away from the competition.

Pick Your Platform

So does this mean that as publishers we can ignore the other devices? That depends. I always think it’s a mistake to put your eggs in one basket, so as a self-publisher maybe it’s wise to publish multiple editions so your book can be on every platform. You don’t want to lose a sale because people can’t read your book on their device.

And yet, if I had to pick one platform – and I’m not a guru, so don’t hold me to this – it would be the Kindle. That’s because Amazon has Kindle reading apps for almost every platform – and they are already huge in books, so they aren’t going anywhere in a hurry.

Other Income for Writers

Plus Amazon has another ace in the hole which provides an additional income source for publishers – Kindle Publishing for blogs. With so many people using ebook readers, why not make your blog available? I can tell you from personal experience that every 3 months or so I get a check that’s enough to cover a year’s hosting (on a shared server, not a VPS unfortunately). That makes it worth doing and increases your reach as an author.

Back to Basics?

And finally, there’s a new trend that some authors are leveraging – the rebirth of the serialized novel. This is where a story is available in segments, as it was in the early days of magazines, with each segment priced at a very reasonable 99 cents. Those who want to can buy the whole book at a saving over the price of the segments added up.

So I, at least, will be putting my books on the Kindle for the time being, although I might hedge my bets and check out the multiple platform publishing options on Smashwords too! :)

Which self-publishing platform do you favor and why?

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Sharon Hurley Hall

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34 Responses to “Why I’m Betting on Kindle for Self Publishing”

  1. But 100 or 200 years from now, will there be the equivalent of finding a first edition of, say, Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, in a second-hand bookstore or someone’s estate?

  2. Sharon,

    Thanks for the great article. I’m on the cusp of becoming a self-published author. What is the general perception of a service like Smashwords?

    I’d love to see an article from you specifically directed towards those types of services.


    Ryan H.
    Ryan Hanley recently posted..Why the Only Social Capital Worth a Damn is TrustMy Profile

  3. Hi Sharon,

    you are right, kindle opens a lot of new doors for writers. The first time I have read something on the kindle I couldnt believe how close it comes to reading something on real paper. Thats when I knew it would change a lot.

    Jasmin recently posted..Wiz Khalifa QuotesMy Profile

  4. Same here Sharon, ebooks over books every time for me.

  5. I really think Kindle is an amazing invention. It helps us save our environment too. Imagine how many trees are saved and how it is beneficial to our planet.

  6. Kindle for blogs, wow, I did not know that at all and will be checking that out.

    I am developing a free guide, would it be worth to put on smashwords and are there others?
    Nik recently posted..How To Become a Management ConsultantMy Profile

  7. I wrote a book for my prospective clients and am interested in publishing it for Kindle. But, I give away my book. Can you give away a Kindle book for free downloads?
    Jon D. recently posted..How is Pain and Suffering Calculated in a BC Personal Injury Claim?My Profile

  8. EBooks are here to stay, but printed books aren’t going anywhere, yet. The trend appears to be generational, with older people clinging to print and younger folks doing all their reading on devices. Interestingly, some of our clients who published an eBook first have come back to release a print version. I think that’s a good strategy in this transitional time. It’s risk-free with Lightning Source or CreateSpace to offer a printed book (except for the one-time setup costs). When the print book stops selling, you can pull it down, but in the meantime, you’ll capture the revenue from people who still like to read a “real” book.
    Michele DeFilippo recently posted..Why Book Publishers Need a Corporate ImageMy Profile

    • That IS a good strategy, Michele – and worth considering for a book project you really want to get behind. Plus, there’s no harm in creating an e-version, seeing what the response is and then releasing an edited version in both formats.

  9. This might be news for amazon, but a few self-publishers have already hit the 1 million mark already. Check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_Hocking
    Ping recently posted..Hidden dangers of using automated trading robotsMy Profile

  10. There is truly a kindle for everyone, and like most, I prefer the kindle touch. I like how conveniently I can select books at and apps that I find useful in Amazon. I have just got into the idea of reading ebooks, I got used to very quick and love it until now.
    Maria recently posted..how to meet womenMy Profile

  11. Hey Sharon,

    I was not a huge fan of e-books and e-readers like the Kindle a few years ago. However, once you start using e-readers like the Kindle it’s hard to go back to reading paperback books. I think I favor the Amazon Kindle self publishing platform over all because it allows your publication to be available on the iPad, iPhone, Adroid, Mac, and more.

  12. I been reading E-books more than hard copies. It a lot convenient since theres no danger of getting page torn out. Now with Kindle, frustrated writers like my self could actually share it to E-bokk addict like me!
    jlem1125 recently posted..My forex journey tipsMy Profile

  13. I put a blog on Kindle a while back, only a few sign ups so far. But I have done nothing in the way of really marketing it.

    If you take those steps to market your ebook/blog what have you on Kindle I think that the sky is the limit.

    After all in 20 years I bet that “real” books will be mostly a novelty.
    Gene recently posted..Amazon Tablet PC Review updated Tue Oct 18 2011 6:28 pm CDTMy Profile

  14. Hi Sharon! Amazon Kindle has been of a tremendous help particularly to students who are in such need of books for their specific curriculum. By this, books can now come in handy. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about the Kindle product.
    Extreme John recently posted..Weekly Link Dump 52: The Occupy Wall Street CampaignMy Profile

    • Do you know, I hadn’t even thought of that, John, but it’s true. And with the lending capability, you could put together a student syndicate where you buy one book each and pass them around.

  15. it’s a huge step to be able to publish itself on kindle store!
    As a traveler ebooks are much more convenient in the backpack ^^
    Thanx amazon…
    Jean-Luc recently posted..Comment Etre HeureuxMy Profile

  16. With the great information that you have shared here on your article, I am sure people will be looking for more related posted. I have seen some few similar post but this is one of the best and most reliable post that I have ever read when it comes to self publishing.
    Liane Markus recently posted..mark nasonMy Profile

  17. Really interesting post. Seems like it will only be a matter of time before Kindles are so cheap (or even free) that anybody who reads a fair bit will have one. There’s a huge opportunity for bloggers to repurpose what they’ve already written into an eBook format and get it outout via Amazon to earn a few extra pennies.
    Ted recently posted..Amazon Kindle Fire Vs Android 7-Inch TabletsMy Profile

  18. Great post Sharon. While I was already planning to release my forthcoming book on Kindle, I had no idea I could publish my blog on it. Thanks for some great insights.
    Nicole Fende recently posted..No Cost, Risk Free Start-Up Business Idea | Jim BeachMy Profile

  19. Excellent post, Sharon, and I agree with you, the Kindle is a sure bet! My experience so far has been that my novels have been mostly sold on Kindle and very little elsewhere!

    The most disappointing seem to be the iPad, not sure why. Certainly the iBookstore is not user-friendly the way Amazon is and that may explain it…

    Would love to have your opinion…Also, why use Smashwords?
    Claude Nougat recently posted..Writers’ Chat: YA LiteratureMy Profile

    • The reason to use Smashwords, Claude, is because you can format your book once and then make it available for all the platforms from one site – that includes the Apple store and Amazon as well as the other e-readers. A colleague whom I trust, George Angus, rates Smashwords very highly and has used it to publish his books. I’ve got as far as setting up an account and thought I’d try them for my next ebook. I haven’t tried a direct upload to the iBookstore yet, so I’d love to hear from anyone who has.

      • Yes, but Smashwords take a % cut – a small one to be sure, but still a percentage. That means a cut on the WHOLE shelf life of you book which – since it’s an ebook – is just about…infinite!

        There are many other places that prepare your books for all types of platforms and only charge once for the service, a flat sum not a percentage. I’ve used BookBaby and I’m very pleased with the quality of their service. Check my book out, you’ll see! You don’t need to buy, just download a sample (and in any case it only costs 99 cents!!!)
        Claude Nougat recently posted..Writers’ Chat: YA LiteratureMy Profile

  20. I JUST submitted my blog to Amazon yesterday for Kindle publishing. Will let you know how it goes. (Yes, I love old books. But what I love more is that I don’t have to pack up those books when I move anymore. They’re all in my Kindle!) Whew!
    Tea Silvestre recently posted..10 Totally Unique Ideas for Your Next Blog PostMy Profile

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