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As you may know, Lady Gaga has the religious world flaring having done the most brilliant marketing ploy. Almost as clever as Jay Z releasing his album on 9/11. I am a Christian myself and should be sorely offended with it, but I decide to learn from a premise like this and leave the fight for the Catholic Church.

What has happened is Lady Gaga released her song, ‘Judas’ during what some call is a ‘Holy week’. Just before Easter Weekend would probably be the best time to release this kind of song. Gaga has always been an attention seeker and therefore the marketing plan worked.Let’s look at your approach as a blogger or author to make a success of your book from the writing of the book.


I am no stranger to writing time sensitive material, but I didn’t write a book to make money but to get a certain message out. Other than that, if you want to write to make money and seek fame and attention (be you an author or blogger), you should look at certain aspects when writing your material.

Plan release dates around significant dates.

  • If you blog, write posts around current events and schedule them around news times. Have a look at my post on Nate Dogg I wrote timeously and around a Twitter trend.
  • If you write books, choose topics that will attract the attention of the world. A great book that caused quite an uproar was for the movie 2012 circling around the end of the world.

Choose controversial titles/themes.

  • In the early eighties the band N.W.A got the attention of the world when they released the song ‘F@#k the police’. The controversial value around this band had their members live on to have careers with the longevity of legends.
  • I know I’m going to get rapped over the fingers for this, but I am still of the opinion that Dan Brown is the worst author there is, probably just because of my religious convictions. However it may be, Dan Brown taking on the Holy Grail must have been the biggest and no-shame stunt to sell books ever.

Don’t skim on good quality.

If you write a blog:

  • Make sure your writing is of top quality standards. This includes impeccable grammar, spelling and great content.
  • Work hard at making your blog posts attractive.
  • Eradicate fluff at all times. If you umm and aah through your post, chances are readers of the post won’t return.

If you write a book:

  • The jacket of your book must be of good quality printing, designing and paper. From the front to the back all the way to the spine.
  • Make sure your book is properly proofread and edited.
  • Format every page universally and uniformly.

Lady Gaga is in a position to have the best producers in the world at her beck and call. She has also got the first two points down, especially if you look at the title and the time she released it. A brilliant tag team match around the closing of wrestle mania season.

Do you have any unconventional tips you could share around getting attention with blogs/books?

[Remember that a blog is just an un-manuscripted book. So see both].

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22 Responses to “Market Your Book/Blog like Lady Gaga | book marketing”

  1. Do you know that Lady Gaga covers the latest issue of V Magazine. Its also available for iPads with an exclusive 2.5 minutes of video from her upcoming second studio album – Born This Way, (which is due for release on 23 May). Check it out @ Other Edition Newsstand.

  2. Yes, I think these techniques are definitely worthwhile. It’s important to be able to make your work stand out from the pack. However, I do think you can get too caught up in this marketing aspect, and perhaps lose sight of your original vision.

    I think Lady Gaga herself is a case in point here. As you say she is a brilliant self promoter. But in the end I don’t think she really believes in anything much. She’s all show and style (for want of a better word) and very little content.

    • Those are very good points Matt. All noise and no substance you mean? Well, I’ll tell you this: If you can balance these marketing ideas with substantial value on your blog you’ll be well of to a great success story.
      Ivin recently posted..Bloggers have One-Up On AuthorsMy Profile

  3. Good tips; perhaps hire a proofreader/editor to make sure that you don’t make basic errors. I’ve got a client who needs help getting his thoughts into suitable blog format – and that can be a good option if bloggers have the budget.
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..What Have You Sacrificed To Become A Freelance WriterMy Profile

  4. I like how you have seen the parallel between blogging and books.

  5. Very simple breakdown indeed. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for the tips. You make it seem quite simple. A good basic few points.

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