Self Publishing: Monetization Method Most Bloggers Miss!

I am on a mission to help bloggers realize their great potential to stand at the forefront of any industry and be the go-to guy when learners and participators need information. Bloggers are at the forefront of information everyday, and if there is anyone who has a lot of helpful information, it’s a good, dedicated blogger.

Another reason why I think this post is absolutely essential for you and your blogger buddies, is because bloggers loooove talking about different monetization methods but they rarely talk about your content being monetized through a book.

I thought it good to compile a post with links to the kind of articles that has not been collected before. It’s a list of articles I’ve written over the last few months that can be very helpful for bloggers to gather their expertise together and  publish a book – providing their industry/niche with a very specific take on it as no one person has the same experiences. I have broken them up into sections for easy digestion:

Why Should I write a Book?

Become a Blogging Expert

Writing For Success

Why you should Write

Making the transition from Blogger to Author

How to leave your 9-5

How do I Write The Book?

Automate Your Writing

Writing Books Quickly

Content Sources

Strategies for Creating Viral Content

7 Ways to Chop the Writers Block

10 Cures for Inspiration Depravation

10 More cures for Inspiration Deprivation

Save Time on Proofreading

Find a Mentor

What you need to know about the publishing process

Publishing Your Book

The 411 on the ISBN

The Top 5 Self Publishing Stumbling Blocks

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self Publishing

Publish on the Kindle (electronic ebook downloads)

Publish on Amazon CreateSpace (physical paperback copies printed on demand)

Publish on the Smashwords’ affiliate program

Book Promotion/Marketing

Promoting Your Book with Twitter

Write a Book You can Publish

Find out Who’s Buying your Books

Market your Book with a Dedicated Day

Common First Time Publisher Mistakes

Find more Book Promotion Information Here

How to compete with compete with professional authors and boost your income

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but should serve up a great couple resources to get you going and published ASAP. If I have missed something or you have a question in the process, please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how I can help.

For more inspiration, read my awesome interview with Celebrity Blogger Kirsty Hines, author of the superblog:

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Stop dreaming and make it happen!

Ivin Viljoen

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About Ivin Viljoen

Ivin Viljoen is the Editor-in-Chief of Authopublisher, an award winning blogger and recent father of a beautiful baby boy.

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38 Responses to “Self Publishing: Monetization Method Most Bloggers Miss!”

  1. I’ve found another way to promote my blog. It’s a new traffic exchange service ( and it sends back to my site much more readers than I send to liqad. I mean it’s absolutely free – my stats are going up. Admin says it should be possible to sell extra traffic to monetize blog soon.

  2. Hi Ivin, it sounds great you compile your experienced in book so we can learn and absrpt it your methods. Much appreciated you sharing with me because i need this to improve my skill and knowledge about making money on blog.
    James recently posted..Burn The Fat Build The Muscle – the best wayMy Profile

  3. You get my vote for Most Helpful Blog Post 2011.
    Clara recently posted..10 Content Marketing PLR ArticlesMy Profile

  4. Sad, but it is a fact. I for one missed this. But now I understand. I think people tend to go the advance ones, neglecting the “BASICS”. It is imperative to follow the basics first.
    Janice recently posted..autorentMy Profile

  5. This is good when some one shares an idea and experience. Making books with experience helps to make good reputation for a blog. This is really appreciable idea.

  6. I have been thinking about writing an ebook, but didn’t know exactly where to start. This post that summarizes all your other book-related posts will definitely come in handy. Now if I can just motivate myself to get started, I’ll be all set.

    In the meantime, I have some reading to do from your links.
    Paul Salmon recently posted..Great Tips for Blog Content SuccessMy Profile

  7. Great post, I just happened to be telling a friend a couple of weeks ago that my plan is to turn my blog in to a book.

    So I found this post very interesting and helpful, thank you very much.

  8. I wrote my book, Preparing a Vegetable Garden From the Ground Up, by compiling my blog posts on the topic. It took some smoothing out so there was a smooth transition between posts, but it seems to be doing well.
    Stephanie Suesan Smith recently posted..How to Make Your Blog Work HarderMy Profile

    • I actually wrote a post about it here:

      It’s a great concept isn’t it. Would you mind promoting the post so more people can see what need to be done? Either the link or this post we’re commenting on. I’m reading your book now, but think I should go through the process with a new book sort of like the links in this post.

      What do you think I should charge?

      • Ebooks that are $2.99 seem to sell so many more copies than ones priced even a bit more that I would leave that as the price. The print copy will be mostly governed by the number of pages, photos, and type of paper you charge, so that will also be easy to see. Most printers have a price calculator in their site. did my print books and has one on their site. Their formatting instructions were clear and I had no problem getting the result I wanted. Gardening books need color photos, so the book is pricer than I wanted at $19.99, but that is what it cost if I wanted it distributed through, so that is what it costs.
        Stephanie Suesan Smith recently posted..How to Make Your Blog Work HarderMy Profile

  9. I’ve only just started following you and perusing your blog recently, but I’m happy to have found it. I’ve been trying to convince someone that they need to self publish, and in the process I may have convinced myself instead. :)
    Donna recently posted..Free From Me To You- An Online Press Kit TemplateMy Profile

  10. thanx for you information

  11. There’s one for the monetization gurus. Well done! I actually never thought of that. Thanks for the list. As Greg mentioned, I’ll have to also take my time with it.

  12. I like the section on ‘How to write your book. Many ways there to do it quickly.

  13. I hope you will make a course available soon. I really need to have my ‘hand held’, if you know what I mean.

  14. You’re moving too fast for me. I’m still learning to write properly, getting my storyline working etc. Besides, I don’t have a blog to do that with :)

    • Come come, catch up missy! :) Take your time tho’. And I do recommend you blog, even if it’s just for yourself, to do that daily writing. It keeps you ‘in shape’ and the creative juices flowing. You can write and write and before you know it you have an awesome piece of literature you can scramble around like eggs and add some bacon.
      Ivin recently posted..Get Traffic Using Twitter TrendsMy Profile

  15. Seems like you’ve found a new niche… or are you creating one?

  16. Why should I write a book? Mmmm…. Good question. Am I correct to say that here you basically propose with a blog, the material is practically already written, you just need to compile it?

  17. I never looked at blog material having the potential to become a book. Thanks for the many resources. Especially the publishing ones.

  18. That’s quite a vast list. The biggest one one Self-Publishing I’ve eve r seen. Certainly the first one on a Monetization methods. A bit much to consume all at once but I’m sure if one wants to follow a process this list IS pretty comprehensive.

    It’s gonna take a year or so tho’.

  19. Ivin, really. This is not really a monetization method. Mopnetization is making money from your blog on a daily basis.


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