Mubarak steps down – Is a Google Revolution Viable?

It’s pretty much old news that Hosni Mubarak has resigned. Even though the news broke only a couple hours ago, it’s funny how the whole world is ablaze with the news.  Some radio personalities here in South Africa have likened it to the French Revolution, albeit a small one. Our beloved atheist 5fm radio DJ Gareth Cliff  had Twitter abuzz this week when it was said of him;

…’there’s a guy whose going to say Gareth Cliff made ‘Mubarak’ and ‘resigned’ trend.’

I don’t actually have an idea which is happier, Gareth Cliff of the Egyptian mob. Let’s have a look at Google for a minute. I have friends who tell me on constant basis that Google is evil. If you get those blasted emails from black hat affiliate internet marketers, you would have been led to a sales page where they moan of how Google slapped them so hard, their site is worthless.  Others talk of how Google banned their Adword campaigns and shut their business down. This is no joke.

So ‘not-funny’ is this prevalence that Google has become some kind of God, there’s even a religion likened to it called Googlism. I came upon this searching the two words ‘Google’ + ‘God. Scarier than that is that on this same page is a link to its Commandments that is not very different than the rules we have come to know.  Now people who know I will attest to  the fact that I don’t mix religion and business but this is too weird.

Now since Google has a ‘God-complex’ of some sorts, it seems like Mubarak had one too and Mugabe still thinks he is one. The only problem with Zimbabweans is that all the healthy and well-fed ones are in South Africa, like South African EX-pats in the UK and Oz,  and the weaker ones are ‘home’. So revolution for them is a far reachable ideal. If there were questions on if Google is God, this website designer thinks he has the answer. If you clicked through to the last link, you would notice there’s not much to this religion and therefore nothing to Googlism as this designer is flat headed.

Can Google be overthrown? I personally have two opinions regarding the matter: first, whatever power Google has, we have given to them. We have built our businesses and platforms around its algorithms and it’s systems bowing to its commandments and playing the game according to their rules. Secondly, Google is not God, therefore it can be overthrown.

I have seen in the WWE how Wade Barret and his early Nexus group came into the WWE and wreaked havoc in  its RAW brand. They took out everybody, from The Great Khali to its star franchise player John Cena all the way to it’s chairman Vince McMahon himself. Why were they so powerful, splitting it into two cells now called ‘The New Nexus’ and ‘The Core’. they now dominate both the RAW and SMACKDOWN brands. What I learned from them is that you can overtake and destroy and organization from within. We are all in the ‘Google system’ and it can be done. I have no idea how to facilitate it because I am too ‘code-illiterate’.

The other thing I learned from them is that they succeeded in their endeavors because no-one on the RAW roster were man or tough enough to stand up to them (I know it’s a scripted story, but didn’t we learn many lessons from William Shakespeare?). Failure to do so caused the Nexus’ dominance. There are two reasons they couldn’t stand up to and overthrow The Nexus and it’s because they were too proud themselves and too jealous of each other. It is taught,

A house divided against itself cannot stand

.. and therefore an internet revolution against Google is not really viable, is it? I have met some great people online and getting connected that believe a revolution is well possible. Not just possible, but a revolution is in the air (I’ve noticed).

I am a hypocrite of sorts, because as I am a staunch supporter of all revolutions. But, I haven’t seen better results for my blog since I started blogging around Google’s top trend and hot topics, like this one and my post about Guitar Hero’s Demise, which rose into my blogs top ten most visited posts of all time in just one day. I am starting to understand the game better, thanks to a friend I made over at who took me under her wing.

However it may be, although I find benefit playing the game according to its rules, I hold that Google is no God.

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Stop dreaming and make it happen!

Ivin Viljoen

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8 Responses to “Mubarak steps down – Is a Google Revolution Viable?”

  1. Excellent article, I believe that you have had enough information. If you could contribute it to us it would be much appreciated.

  2. I also was interested in this system so paid my 2 bucks could not log on or get any answers from Google revolution so read fine print and in 14 days they would start charging my credit card over 70 dollars a month to be a member with no financial gain guarantee so called visa canceled my card and put the problem through investigations for fraud and had charges reversed , then out of nowhere because my card was canceled they decide to call and send me my welcome package anyway its yours free they said no matter what but when they finally clued in that that they would no longer be able to charge my card there was no longer any welcome package and they basically hung up the phone on me. BIG SCAM

  3. Sheesh Ivin, this post is a bit ‘all over the place’ don’t you think? From Twitter to radio, to revolutions, to the WWE … You can write better than that.

  4. Excuse my ignorance. Who is Gareth Cliff? He sounds slightly familiar.

  5. Yes food for thought. A lot of internet marketers have been trying to go around Google, and some are apparently doing it. I think tho’, you have to be very clever to do that.

  6. Good idea, but would a Google/internet revolution against Google look like. What will we destroy, what will me make ungovernable. Sorry, not really seeing the ‘viability’…

  7. Clever. Many revolutions in central A right now. A Google revolution will be timely and relevant.


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