Writing Tips: How To Write Articles For Online Newsletters.

I recently submitted this article to ezinearticles.com. I hope you find use in it.

Many a freelance writer wishes to become more known and get some promotion. One way is to write for an online newsletter. You could submit material for this newsletter for two reasons; to get paid or free to get your name/brand out.

I have recently started writing for an online newsletter. Here’s a couple ways I found how you can get your material on an online newsletter:

Google your niche.

Presuming that you are not looking to write for a specific newsletter as being your dream, you may benefit from looking for newsletters in your area of interest or expertise. Remember that there is a difference between being an expert and being interested.

Do some homework.

Presuming you’re interested in the topic, you will have to read the previous versions of the newsletter to get a feel for their style. You will most probably have to ’fit-in’ with them. Do some research on the subject and start participating in that field. You cannot write what you don’t know – unless of course you write research articles. Articles are much better written coming from a horses mouth.

Mingle with the members.

Presuming you’re an expert, well, most of the work has been done. You simply have to start being part of the community: Comment on posts/articles, participate in the forums, ‘stalk’ their current writers and add to whatever they are doing (without being a nuisance, of course). Email the people involved, for instance the editor, and tell them what you think of the newsletter, how you’d like to get more involved etc. Get a feel for what their thoughts are.

Cater to immediate needs.

Presuming you have the green light and you’re invited to write for the newsletter, best first ask what they want you to write about; being new and all. Get topics and projects from them where they have immediate needs. It’s always better to ‘flex’ writing outside of your own, selfish wants and seed yourself writing on other things. As you’re voice ‘breaks’, as’t were, people will be interested in listening to what you have to say.

Raise your own voice.

Presuming you have received a voice, start sharing what you feel is important in an industry or niche. People respond to passion, so if it’s not important to you, it won’t seem to be important for others.

Be faithful and consistent.

Do what you’ve been asked to deliver when they want it delivered. Being unfaithful in deadlines and varying your writing quality like a yo-yo is the best and a surefire way to lose your spot.

Don’t be greedy

Chances are you are going to have to write seed articles for the first part. Only when  a market has been created for your writing, style or information will there be any talk of payment. Remember that you want to get into writing for the online newsletter. The best way to get the job you want is to volunteer your services and show people why you are employable.

Enjoy what you do.

As soon as this becomes a drag and seems like work, quit. IF you have lost your passion for what you’re doing it will come through in your writing.

Bask in your success.

By now you have become a voice, is seen as an expert and people pay attention to you Enjoy it and make the best of every word you write. Even though you bask, make sure you stay humble. No one likes a pompous and arrogant p…

Let’s dream and make it happen!


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34 Responses to “Writing Tips: How To Write Articles For Online Newsletters.”

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  25. Of course Matthew. You get published, which I’m sure Ivin is still to tell us a lot about. And of course sefl… ughugh. Sorry, authopublishing your work.

    I like the point ‘enjoy what you do’, makes perfect sense. If you enjoy it you’ll do it even if you’re not getting paid ;)

    • @Melissa, if you don’t enjoy it, it will become a drag. Then it ain’t fun anymore… and what do kids do when they don’t have fun? They whine and eventually leave.

  26. Is quite simple. You have the ability to make the most daunting task 1-2-3. I have written for a couple newsletters online, but never got to getting paid for them. Is there even such a thing as getting paid to write?

    • @Matthew, thank you for your kind words. As Melissa said, sure. I hate selling stuff, and if you publish to make money you best market your own material. Otherwise it could be done by PR and marketing companies, but then there’s no real use in that is it? You might as well go the conventional publishing route.

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