PHELPS Your Way To The Top

Can Michael Phelps in the 2012 Olympics do what he did in 2008 Games?  In London this summer all eyes will be on the water to see if he can do it again. With ever story there has to be a reason we all succeed.

I was inspired while watching the 2008 Olympics and seeing Michael Phelps win 8 Gold Medals in 8 events. Mr. Phelps was incredible and it was a blessing to see how he handled himself before, during and after each race.

After witnessing greatness I was encouraged to give you a formula through each letter in his name so that you can PHELPS Your Way To The Top.

The P is for Practice.  Everyone wants to play the game but the differences in winning or losing can be determined in the way you practice. How you practice the game is how you play the game. A team may practice in one week three hours a day for five days just to play one sixty minute game.

The H is for Habits.  Developing great habits while you practice is what can take you from the bottom to the top.  What habits in your life can you work on to make your performance better?  Are you the one that comes in early and leaves late? Do you help your teammates or co-workers to become better? These questions are here to give you answers to what can move you toward your dream.

The E is for Education. When you know you begin to grow. Class is in session to end your recession. Learn from others and take courses so that you can have what you need to apply.  Don’t wait on the classroom to get your lesson. Learn from each person and situation that you come across in life. These opportunities will show you what to do or not do.

The L is for Love. I wrote an article called Thin Line between Love and Great. because you are that close to living your dream and fulfilling your destiny. When you love what you do you will never quit and keep going even when the rough gets tough.  Look in the mirror and find a reason to love yourself. The mirror is on the wall and it says “You are the greatest of them all.”

The P is for Performance. No matter how much you practice or study there comes a time when you have show what you know.  The meet or competition gives us all a platform to measure our success against others. Take what you learn during each event so that you can apply it to make you better.

The S is for Sportsmanship. In victory or even in defeat keep your head high and shake hands with your opponent in winning and losing.  I have never met you before. I do know that you are a winner. You gave me a chance today to inspire and encourage you. You read every word that I was empowered to give.  Thanks for being a good sport.

Whether you swim, run, dive, work, or dream now is the time in your life that you should strive to PHELPS Your Way To The Top.

Derrick Hayes is the Author of 1 WORD Is All It Takes, Creator of Derricknyms, Developer of the app Motivation To Your Mobile, Nominator of Today’s Honoree, and blogs at the Encouragement Speaker.


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About Derrick Hayes

Derrick Hayes is the Author of 1 WORD Is All It Takes, Creator of Derricknyms, Developer of the app Motivation To Your Mobile, Nominator of Today's Honoree, and blogs as the Encouragement Speaker. Derrick Hayes is available to present or do Derricknym signings at your next meeting, conference or event. Feel free to donate to the cause.

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36 Responses to “PHELPS Your Way To The Top”

  1. Hey Derrick ,
    Is there’s something more? I know that you are a great person and you never fail us… Thanks for sharing…
    Florence18Moore recently posted..Web Hosting Uptime Reports April 2012My Profile

  2. Hi Derrick,
    You are truly great in making our whole day long full of knowledge, I’m glad to be part of your brilliant ideas… I do love to pin it with my friends…
    Florence18Moore recently posted..Things to Look For in a Business Web Hosting Service ProviderMy Profile

  3. Hi Derek,
    I can’t wait to witness something more from you this coming times of 2012, hope you can update some more of what you got…
    Lacey12 recently posted..Get Money that you need Now with Fast Cash LoansMy Profile

  4. I agree that forming habits lead to stronger ways of attaining something. Practice cannot be done in a hurry because tendency is that the effect will also be short-term and weak.

  5. 1 WORD Is All It Takes this is the most favorite creation of my husband, proven that you are great… Looking forward for something more from you..
    Elizabeth recently posted..Vidéo humoristique de lit de bronzageMy Profile

  6. Phelps is a nice way to anything not just any business. That is very creative of you to do that acronym.
    Mark recently posted..Mind Movies Matrix Review-FAR FETCHED LIE?-Read What Glen Ledwell SaysMy Profile

  7. Life is full of unexpected surprises, all we can do is to stay positive towards beauty of life..
    Shanel recently posted..Ways To Find LoveMy Profile

  8. Hi Derrick,
    You have a very positive thoughts and that is the best tool for facing this year more productive, how I wish we can have a great talk, so that I can learn something more from you…
    Born25 recently posted..Conference call servicesMy Profile

  9. The S could also be for “Swimming really, really fast”, although I concede that yours is somewhat more important for people who aren’t Michael Phelps.

    I’d say practice is the key to pretty much everything in life; few people are blessed with the ability to be effortlessly good at what they want to do. The important thing is the keep getting back on the horse (or into the pool) until you’re where you want to be (on the other side of the pool possibly).

  10. He can actually get through the next Olympics this year if he had a good training and the best discipline. He needs to strive harder this time because it won’t be easy for him.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Anya Ty
    Anya Ty recently to seduce a womanMy Profile

  11. this so nice and I like it.
    Thanks that you sheared this..
    great job.
    Nicole recently posted..income protection insuranceMy Profile

  12. Hi Ivin & Derrick,

    This is a great article. I love the inspiring message as well as the usage of Phelps’ name. Thanks so much. I think I needed to hear this today! Sally
    Sally Brown recently posted..Stormy Days-A Testing Ground!My Profile

  13. These are great tips and I can totally see it relating to blogging and social media today. My favorites are the P for practice and the E for education. Both are very important because times are always changing and we have to stay current and keep practicing good writing habits.

  14. Hi Derrick, Practice, Habits, Education, Education, Love, Performance and Sportsmanship are the essential thing that makes all of us a productive person who capable enough in the challenge of life…
    Krista recently posted..Save My Marriage Today by Amy Waterman Review – Does it really work?My Profile

  15. Now let’s do the same with Cavic as well. He was also very close! :)
    Janice recently posted..Healthy Trim Side Effects: Is Healthy Trim Safe?My Profile

  16. Great Post you share with us. Its very helpful for my blog thak you.

  17. I think forming habits is the key to almost all long term goals. It doesn’t matter, if you are educated about something and know it is good. If you don’t see immediate results, the chances are good you’re gonna stop doing it, because of laziness, time issues or whatever, so it’s best to form a habit from the beginning, like promise yourself “I’m going to do that and that for 10 minutes every time I come home from work” and after a month the habit is formed and you’re not gonna think twice about it, until maybe a year in you’re seeing you’re results…
    Andy recently posted..Haarausfall & SchilddrüseMy Profile

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