Blog Collaboration: What’s the use of a ReTweet?

This week (and perhaps next week) I am going to focus a little bit on blog collaboration, its benefits and what is involved. This is important to you as a blogger or as an author. You may have read my opinion that all authors should blog, and therefore this is something I feel needs to be covered for both professioanals to have success.

One of the things that are involved in my post where I invite you to collaborate are ReTweets.  This is an integral part of both your social media strategy and Twitter tools. Let’s look at what exactly a ReTweet is:

Like a Tweet? Retweet! Sometimes you come across a Tweet that you just have to share. Twitter’s retweet (otherwise known as “RT”) feature helps you and others quickly share that Tweet with all of your followers. – Twitter.

How do I ReTweet?


You can ReTweet in 3 simple steps.

  1. Hover over the Tweet you like and want to ReTweet.
  2. Click the ReTweet link highlighted above.
  3. The Tweet will then be forwarded to all your followers.

I actually checked where they feature and found that you see them on your own profile page and on your time line. I was logged in though. So in reality, someone would see me, having ReTweeted a Tweet of someone else. That means that my own followers would see soemones Tweet they don’t know about. So much love!

Tracking ReTweets

Yes, this is actually a feature you DON’T need automated software for. You can easily track Tweets from within the Twitter interface.Here’s how.


Looking at your time line at clicking on the ‘ReTweets’ dropdown you will find the following.

  • Retweets by others: read the retweets posted by people you follow under the first tab, ‘Retweets by others.’
  • Retweets by you: read your own retweets- it’s like the sent items in your email account. If others have also retweeted, you’ll see their profile icons listed.
  • Your Tweets, retweeted: find out who retweets your tweets!

Benefits of ReTweeting

Twitter is just one magic marketing/promotion machined and traffic geyser. But let’s look at the benefits of ReTweeting as reciprocal method.

  • If you ReTweet someones Tweet your followers see a Twitterer they don’t know about and vica versa.
  • If people like the followers Tweet they don’t know, chances are good they will follow them. Following rate is around 17%
  • If you have a collaboration with Twitter users you’re Tweets and links (to blog posts) reach a lot more people than you would normally reach. More ReTweets per Tweet, more traffic/sales/exposure.

Who ReTweeted My Tweets?

This function is especially good to see who is playing along and who’s not. Great for collaboration tracking. All you have to do here is follow the previous point to track your ReTweets, click on one of the Tweets that were ReTweeted by one of your followers and it will appear in the right section of your interface. There you will see the Tweets and who ReTweeted it.


There are no limits to how much you can ReTweet. Do you know that ReTWeeting is a lazy way of Tweeting? If you’re not using clever Twitter automation software (like me), you sit on Twitter all day and see i9f you can catch anyone’s attention.  To be effective you have to browse for content, create shorter links etc. With ReTweeting you post relevant Tweets, those you ReTweet appreciate it and will eventually ReTweet some of your stuff (if you produce original stuff).

Do you have anything to add to these tips and tricks re: ReTweets. Add them in teh comment section below. You get KeywordLuv?

I have another tutorial for twitter you could look at.

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6 Responses to “Blog Collaboration: What’s the use of a ReTweet?”

  1. I think by tweeting and re-tweeting people make their community strong on the twitter. Now links of twitter are very helpful in getting ranking of a site(Google has announced it in 2011).

    • That IS awesome. With it being such a huge marketing tool for some, it will definitely serve to help those darn rankings :)

  2. I have seen some people blindly tweet and retweet but they do not know the anatomy of these terminologies but your post have made clear every corner along with other information.
    Smith recently posted..Featured ProductMy Profile

  3. I think you’ve summed up all the good points about retweeting quite nicely.

    It’s also important to know the bad points as well. When you are tweeting for a business make sure your tweets (and those of others using your account) are always professional. If you’re not careful a bad tweet could be retweeted thousands of times before you get the chance to delete it. People lose their jobs over this kind of thing!

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