Self Publishing for Bloggers – Get Established as an Expert.

My name is Ivin Viljoen and I became a self publishing expert in 2007 when I wrote my first book in 3 days and had it published in 2 weeks. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and August 2010 I launched this self publishing blog.

I have developed a method for bloggers to self publish their expertise and become established as an expert in their field. Let’s first look what will being an expert benefit you:

  • You can stand out form everybody else.
  • You can develop a great reputation if you’re willing to help others and work hard.
  • You can get more beverages through leverage.
  • Your rate becomes higher.
  • The media will look to you for quotations.
  • You will have the opportunities to headline conferences.
  • You have greater exposure to customers.

You can be considered as an expert if you have around 1000 hours of practical experience in your field. With roughly 1600 – 2000 working hours in a year it should take you a little over 6 months to do so.

Methods to write your book.

  • If you don’t have confidence to become a writer, feel free to hire a ghostwriter to assist you. Give him your notes so he could extend it into a manuscript.
  • You can take your material and get closer to publishing your book by calling up your posts from your different categories, gather material and compile your manuscript from the posts and edit it. Every category has the potential to become a chapter in your book.
  • You can use a transcriber by talking writing down what you say.  Edit the material and your manuscript is done.

Methods of self-publishing.

  • You can publish through publishing houses.
  • Get an ISBN to make it a published book, simply print your book on office paper and get a professional to bind the books for you (Get specs from them before you print).
  • Then there’s print-on-demand if you means you have limited outlay and you print only when you get orders. You can do this through Amazon’s CreateSpace program. I have some video tutorials available here.
  • You can electronically self-publish books for Kindle which can easily cause books to go viral quickly.

Expert power is in holding the printed book in your hand. You can get a lot of respect when you hold a copy in your hand.

P.S. The top commentators on myu blog for feb get’s a $95 prize

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Stop dreaming and make it happen!

Ivin Viljoen

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About Ivin Viljoen

Ivin Viljoen is the Editor-in-Chief of Authopublisher, an award winning blogger and recent father of a beautiful baby boy.

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17 Responses to “Self Publishing for Bloggers – Get Established as an Expert.”

  1. I have tried to make an e-book, but to have success you need to have an interesting subject. Also, it needs to be promoted after you wrote.

    Of course, additional tools that help to be a book publisher are welcome.

  2. Some excellent points!

    But I think it will be extremely difficult for you to do in 2 weeks!

  3. This information might come in handy for me someday. This is a great article or tip for the writers, bloggers and maybe journalist right?

    Val Adams of Online pawn shop
    Val Adams recently posted..How Does an Online Pawn Shop Work?My Profile

  4. Good information.Self-publishing is good but it’s not that too easy as everyone thinks, it take time to work on it and great tools to begin with. I’ve been blogging a couple of months ago and I’m happy to it. Being a happy of what you are doing right now is good essence to become successful.
    Hannah recently posted..Food which contains Vitamin CMy Profile

  5. Do you know how to recognize a successful person from a unsuccessful one?
    The easiest way is with the language they use. When you talk to a successful person about his objective, he will tell you what he plans to do and when it will be done.
    When an unsuccessful person explain his goals, he will keep wondering and hoping to do it someday.
    But keep in mind : someday never comes.

    The big difference is the Action !

    A lot of people are afraid of failing, but if you never try, you will never know if you can realize your goals and even if you fail, you will always learn something from your failures.
    The success is made from a lot of failures.

    I wrote my first eBook at beginning of the year as bonus for the opt-in of my blog.
    I am working on my first Clickbank product in this period.

    Thanks for sharing your post, nice points !
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted..FREE MONEY ADVICE n. 93 : How to make money online as InfopreneurMy Profile

  6. Easy said than done I’m afraid. Good quick read though.
    adam recently posted..Site ArchitectureMy Profile

  7. Interest,knowledge and practice can make you versatile in your field.Same is with the writing field.

  8. I have joined this packed switched technology to become a successful writer.Each day I visit more than 20 blogs,get knowledge from there and also write article on free directories.
    I am thankful to you as this post is very precious for me to attain a criterion in writing.
    Smith recently posted..Featured ProductMy Profile

  9. Thanks for an informative post. I love the idea that you can gather together material through blog categories.

  10. Yeah, once again you’re sucking air. I can’t believe you’re blog has so much hype. Drivel.

  11. Writing through a transcriber sound like a great method. But, writing a book is not THAT easy. Got here where Ivin gives you a little more information. Like he was ‘super-inspired’ and he already had it ‘up-here’. So if you have nothing, there will be nothing. With nothing, the fastest method is NaNoWriMo.

  12. Yeah, gotta agree with Bob. The print on office paper’ is a little bit hazy :)

  13. A lot of great points here. Obviously not that easy to do and implement, but a very good basic guide. I don’t know how you’re gonna do this in 2 weeks.

  14. This is a test for reply me plugin.
    Ivin recently posted..Mubarak steps down – Is a Google Revolution ViableMy Profile

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