Self Publishing Saturday: Book Binding.

Ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve figured out all the ways to publish your book but get stuck at book binding?

Today is Self Publishing Saturday and this day I focus specifically on self publishing.  Last week I shared with you sections found in a book and that will help greattly format your book and help you recognize if there are some parts you need to still write in.

I want to, before I talk to you about book binding specifically, just review some of the posts I have done in the past that will help you in the process of getting your book done. Remember that I have a support desk should you have any problems in YOUR process.  Here is a post with all the information you may want to look at:

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Let’s go into book binding.

3 kinds of book binding.

As I mentioned earlier. When I self  published my first book, I had to get it bound to sell them. Before I tell you how I did my own book, let me first share with you the 3 kinds of book binding methods in the industry today.

Saddle stitching

Binding your book through saddle stitching is an easy and common way to bind what we generally call a booklet. Good examples where these are used are magazines and -zines. This method works best for small booklets that have minimal pages.  The strength of the stapler will depend on how many pages you’ll be able to include. Generally, these booklets will have between 56 – 64 pages where this method can be used.

How to saddle stitch your booklet.

  • Prepare your booklet to have a multiple of four pages. General sizing for booklets are 8 1/2-by-11 inch size sheets which is then of course folded in half. You are of course open to try different sizes.
  • Make sure you’re pages are placed in proper page order. This is the final stage before a book is bound, therefore you cannot make any mistakes at this point. Note here that when you fold the pages, the left side will be at at the front of the book and the right side will be at the back.
  • Put your pages on top of each other so that the cover is at the bottom with the face of the book facing down. The center of your book should be facing up.
  • Fold you booklet now that the cover faces upwards. Check the pages are in proper order.
  • Flatten the crease of the booklet as flat as possible and then fold it open again.
  • Having a long arm stapler handy, measure 1/2 an inch from the top and bottom in the center of the pages.  Slide the stapler in and press down. Check that you have the center of the book facing up so the staple is on the inside of the booklet.
  • Close the finished booklet.

Wire-O Book Binding

Also called wire-binding or Doule-O binding is an inexpensive way books and booklets are being bound.

  • The document is placed into the machine and holes are punched into one side. It is advisable to break up the document into smaller sections and punch through the sections one at a time.
  • After the holes have been punched in the Wire-O binding machine, a C-shaped spine is placed in the device. The spine is composed of flexible wire.
  • The pages, which should now be in numerical order, are placed over one end of the spine with the spine inserted into the machine.
  • Close the C-shaped spine and bind the document together.

Perfect Book Binding

This is a method where a flexible adhesive attaches a paper cover to the spine of the assembled signatures like in paperback novels. A cover could also be glued to the side of the spine and allow the book to lay-flat.

Your Turn.

Is there an option you know of about book binding that; is regularly used that I have missed that you need me to also discuss? What do you think of our new Saturday feature? Give me your thoughts in the comments below.

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5 Responses to “Self Publishing Saturday: Book Binding.”

  1. All I thought is that there’s only two kinds as the first and second I would say are they only options my previous teacher gave me on my project!

  2. Comb binding is a popular document finishing method that has been used for a long time. Working with combs is pretty easy and the combs are suitable for a variety of documents such as reports

  3. Great tutorial. Thanks, this will help me out a lot.wonderful.i like how u demonstrated the two methods. thank you so much~
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  4. I like Spiral Binding! Although not as popular as saddle stitching and perfect spiral binding is widely used for books which are meant for short term use. You will have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the cover from clear plastic cover to art paper. The biggest advantage of spiral binding is the fact that it can have any number of pages.
    Claire recently posted..Choosing The Best Online Degree ProgramsMy Profile

  5. Good methods on book binding. Thanks for this. It’s a kind helpful.You did a nice video on how to do it. I will bookmark it so that I could easily find your blog. It was too useful. keep on posting…

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