Story Writing Tips: Write Like A Commentator (WWE Inspired).

When  you watch the WWE, you’ll notice that besides the two wrestlers fighting in the ring, there’s a third person involved – and that is the commentator. I am flabbergasted on how much influence the commentator has on the fan. He can easily turn fans against a certain wrestler and listening to them, you can easily also pick up on what is happening behind the scenes and in the locker rooms. But the commentators value doesn’t stop there.

As I was listening to The commentators doing what they are paid to do, I realized that’s how a person should write. Of course, that’s not the only element you use to tell your story, but it would definitely fill in the gaps… gaps that may make or break your story. I have gathered, as an introduction that there’s three kinds of commentators behind the desk right now, and therefore three kinds of commentating.  They are found in:

  1. Jerry Lawler is a hall of famer and we as fans are very privileged to have him behind the desk.He is the kind of commentator that gives the listener experienced insight into careers, moves, fights and what a pay-per-view hold. What will he do for your writing? He provides you with the ability to look onto a situation or a character from an experienced point of view. A been-there-done-that commentator which will definitely give your story more weight.
  2. Matt Striker has wrested a little before, but his expertise is being technical. He must have a biological background as he will tell you how each move affects a certain part of the body. He will speak of how a submission hold affect the abdomen or how targeting a certain muscle will affect a wrestelers signature move. A great commentator providing otherwise dormant insight.
  3. Todd Grisham is your typical conversational commentator. He will comment on what is happening and bring fact from outside the ring into the conversation. Not too technical, not a lot of expereince. His attributes you can use by a character in your story to bring by and by conversations that doesn’t really lead anywhere.
  4. Micheal Cole is the critical one. You may use his commenting style to tell the truth out of a characters mouth or to bring the obvious too the ‘fore for the reader. The Cole style of commentating is furious and demands the highest standards      and therefore will be the best kind to up your writing game.

The purpose of developing this kind of writing is to draw attention to detail in the story that would otherwise not be obvious to your reader. It allows you to fill in the gaps in the story, put some flesh on your story’sm skelletons. This way, you readers has clearer understanding of what’s going on.

Writing this way answers your readers questions: what, why, when, where, and how? More attributes of writing like a WWE commentator may be for these purposes:

Backstory referral
Why things are happening
Explaining a method of doing things.

I hope you will have received some insight into how you can use commentating a springboard for making your stories comorful.

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Ivin Viljoen

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6 Responses to “Story Writing Tips: Write Like A Commentator (WWE Inspired).”

  1. Correct. Commentators’’ comments in such events do such a great job. I’m happy to note that the type the commenter’s create in a move or wrestling can also be applied in writing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very true! I never noticed commentators do such a great job – you’ll realise a very big difference when you are watching wrestling or some match and lower down the volume of your television.
    Tommy recently posted..10 Tips for Getting a Domain Name That MattersMy Profile

  3. Hey Ivin, you forgot about old faithful, JR. Wrestling commentators have a huge influence on the fans. Did you know they also have an influence on the outcome of matches? They gauge the crowds reactions and give the wrestlers subtle instructions on how to proceed. We, as writers, can use the same techniques to tell our readers where they should go next. We achieve this by directing them to links, products and other articles.
    Frank Bowes recently posted..Google E-BookstoreMy Profile

    • Hey Frank. I only got exposed to O’ JR after this post. I DO know they’re influence in matches. I learned later on that they ‘orchestrate the tempo with the help of the ref, who in turns talks to the Wrestlers in the rings though off-and-on contact. Great analogy you have there re: IM. Thanks for the comment.
      Ivin Viljoen recently posted..Kindle Fire ReviewMy Profile

  4. This is a terrific way to get into the psychology of a good announcer, let alone helping your writing style. What would you say about breaking down Jim Ross, a lot of announcing experience but minimal in-ring skill?

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