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12 Tips for Writing a Book Title that Sells Books – Dan Poynter

Dan Poynter looks at book titles and how you could come up with a great one for your book.

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How I Built a Business with Someone Else’s Book

I was able to start a small business venture with a book title of another author, using simple tools available on the internet.

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Number One Book Club – The Secret Publishing Club (Get invited)

I give you a peek inside one of publishing’s secret but probably most effective platform for publishers and digital marketers who do it for business.

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How to share UK and USA Links of your Amazon eBook by Connie Neal

In this video tutorial, you can find out how to share links to both the US and UK versions of your book. Connie Neal shows us how to make sure we have the correct links to reach the correct audience.

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How to Get Help from Amazon

Another great video tutorial by my freiond Connie Neal. In this one she shows us how to get help from a real person on Amazon KDP.

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Flash Publishing Report: Preparation.

I will be compiling a report in the next couple weeks on setting up a publishing business from the very beginning and not only feature Amazon but other prominent platforms as well.

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How To Post Book Reviews On Amazon.com

Again a stellar and informative videos by my friend Connie Neal. Find out how exactly to leave reviews on amazon – no need to be shy anymore.

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