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How I Built a Business with Someone Else’s Book

I was able to start a small business venture with a book title of another author, using simple tools available on the internet.

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Transition Your Position.

Derrick looks at six steps he feels could help you position yourself better for the future.

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Self Publishing for Small Businesses.

Small businesses can expand their brand and solicit sales through embracing different self publishing formats. I explain how they benefit you and how you can get it done.

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Published? You MUST have a book trailer.

Want great exposure for your book .Reach a visual audience and draw them into your world you portray through a book trailer. Your book marketing is simply not complete without it.

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$29 Push Button Software Made Me $1.25m Overnight!!!

I am so excited. My goal was to make a a million bucks by 9 November 2012. I made $1.25m from push button software that cost me $79 overnight!!!! Catch the story inside.

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Amanda Hocking On Strategic Pricing 4 Ebook Millions!

Amanda Hocking was a struggling author until a year ago. After being turned down for so long by the publishing gatekeepers she self published. Sales soared so much that she has become a millionaire twice over in less than 8 months.

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CreateSpace Solves Your Self Publishing Stumbling Blocks

I was frustrated when I first started out as an author. I knew I had something good in my book, but couldn’t break into the publishing business as an author. So, I became a self publisher. Here is a guide on what is difficult and how CreateSpace solves most of your problems.

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