The PENCIL Principles.

99% of the time I write my ideas down with a pen or I type them up. One day I was looking for something to write with and all I could find was a pencil. This took me back because just a few years ago a pencil was my best friend. I had no computer, smart phone and very rarely any ink pens. The intrigue of not having a pen inspired 6 success principles through the word PENCIL.

The P is for Point.

The point on a pencil represents the point of no return in your life. You can’t get a second chance to make a first impression. A pencil point can be sharp, dull or just need a little work. Some will know you mean business from the beginning and others will argue and make you prove your point.

The E is for Eraser.

When you write you don’t want to make mistakes and have to use your eraser. In life we should do more right than we do wrong which will give us a greater chance for negativity to be erased from our future. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and by all means we have to find ways to erase doubt. Doubt is what kills dreams. Erase fear.

The N is for Number #2.

In all my life I have never written with a Number #1 pencil. Every time I see Number #2 I realize I have to keep writing like I have something to prove while also believing the best is yet to come. In some cases it is easier to go from last to second than it is to go from second to first. Give your all even if you end up Number #2.

The C is for Colored.

Pencils come in different colors like rainbows. Not everyone wants to be a Plain Jane but with a touch of crayon life opens up to a different perspective. Black and white is only in the ink and the paper that it’s printed on. Put racism in reverse and enjoy our world that is diverse.

 The I is for Instrument.

Every artist has their choice of instrument.  Picasso chose the paintbrush. Michael Jordan selected a basketball. Kenny G dazzled through the saxophone. Right now you have the choice to pull out a PENCIL and use it to open doors for you. A PENCIL can take notes, leave instruction and write out the plans for your future.

The L is for Lead.

At the point of the PENCIL you see lead. There is much more lead beneath the surface of a pencil. We don’t get to use most of our pencil potential until we put in work and we realize that in order not to become dull we have to sharpen up. At the end of the day, life we ask if you have you lead anyone to the top with you?

Use The PENCIL Principles daily to prove your Point and Erase doubt. Work like you’re Number #2. Color the world and be an Instrument that is not afraid to be Lead.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden.


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46 Responses to “The PENCIL Principles.”

  1. Wow, this is just one of those articles that reminds us how a thing so primitive can remind us how useful a simple object is. Great article, an awesome one indeed. Writers everywhere can definitely use these principles in making a literary piece.
    Advanced Cardiac Life Support Nashville recently posted..HyperSmash.comMy Profile

  2. Hey Derrick Hayes.
    Well You really have a great work. Its 1st time am reading an article describing PENCIL in a great way.
    Keep It Up. All the best
    iPhone 4 cases recently posted..Top 10 Best Horror Movies 2012My Profile

  3. I am moved by your post. Back then, life was also a simple one for me with no computer or gadgets. I loved writing even when I was still younger and everytime I feel like writing a poem or a short story, I always have my pen and notebook with me. I could write very fast. But now that I do my writing on a high-tech kind of notebook, I cannot seem to write well with a pen anymore. Great post, it made me reflect on the simple things in life.

  4. Hate to be a pedant, but pencils haven’t been full of lead for quite a long time. Graphite offered too many advantages, chiefly the fact that it didn’t poison people.

    Also; I have no idea what a #2 pencil is; I think that’s an Americanism. In England I think we call them HB’s.
    Stefan recently posted..New 5p & 10p Coins to Be Made Out of NickelMy Profile

  5. I really like your first point.
    My personal favorite is the color pencil. I agree not every one wants be the same.
    Very interesting post!
    Lady recently posted..Eine kleine EngelsgeschichteMy Profile

  6. P for point really struck me. Especially your extended metaphor, “sharp, dull or just need a little work.” First impression really do make the difference between having a job or not. Exquisite article, thank you for this.
    Steven Papas recently posted..Webhosting PlansMy Profile

  7. I see you bonded with the old, loyal writing instrument.:) Your P.E.N.C.I.L points are very interesting and spot on. These are things that should be learned/realized by young, old, new and experienced workers, writers – everybody.:)

  8. Interesting principles, especially C from colored. Life can’t be just white, black or gray, so why should things be any different for writers and their masterpieces?
    Debbie recently posted..Reasons for Being Certified for CPRMy Profile

  9. Hi Derrick ,
    Life with principles is a very disciplined life. I really liked the way you explained pencil principles and if we use PENCIL Principles daily then it will improve our skills, abilities and increase our work productivity.
    Pete Goumas recently posted..PrimalForce Coupon & ReviewMy Profile

  10. This post was a trip down memory lane. So many years ago when I preferred a pencil over a computer. Back then, computers were clunky and new; now they are a part of life. Thank you for this inspiring post and a chance to remember what I had all but forgotten.
    Sara recently posted..March and April – It’s time to plant your seasonal flowers!My Profile

  11. I love the creativity in this anagram! It’s so fun, and it’s true, too. I also like how you play with the words, like when you used ‘erase fear’ in the Eraser paragraph.
    Thanks for these cool ideas! :)
    Elena Anne recently posted..Collagen Production SuperfoodsMy Profile

  12. Absolutely fantastic! How simply you have put those great qualities in a day to day word. I myself keep remembering the “Eraser” rule. Yes, Derrick life cannot be erased and rewritten.

  13. I really like your point on the colors. Colors can make our life and perception much more enjoyable and fun, the human nature doesn’t work in a black and white environment.
    Anna recently posted..cosmetic dentistMy Profile

  14. Wow! Your Pencil principles are great! I will try to follow this. I find them helpful, thank you for sharing..
    Gracielle recently posted..Miami Wedding PhotographyMy Profile

  15. I like your 6 principles of pencil but second was great, eraser! in life no eraser to erase your mistakes and bad work.

  16. I agree to that you can’t get a second chance to make a first impression. You have an awesome post.
    Adams recently posted..Miami Wedding PhotographyMy Profile

  17. Hi Derrick..From just pencil alone, we can learn a lot of things that we can apply for our life and can make us a better person in return..
    Kazzsandra recently posted..How To Control AnxietyMy Profile

  18. This is a fantastic post. I think it would be a good idea to point all these ideas at ones life as well.

    You must have taken some time to come up with this and it is very, very good. My personal favorite is the color pencil. I agree not every one wants be the same. You should try the rainbow of colors.

    If you adapt that to life as well as eating just think how your life could change!
    Mark recently posted..Tips for Budgeting Lottery MoneyMy Profile

  19. I really like your first point, the importance of the POINT. The first impressions play the most important and significant role of the trust-building process.
    Amy recently posted..What you should know about teeth implantsMy Profile

  20. I love this article! “Doubt is what kills dreams. Erase fear” is something I will always remember because it’s so true. I love pencils for everything they represent and what you can create with it. Thanks for the great article.

  21. First, everything you do will always leave a mark; that is to say in life, there are four things you can’t get back. The stone, after the throw. The word, after it is said. The action, after it is done. And the time, after it has passed. So be careful of what you throw, of what you speak, of what you do and of what you let pass by. Because, though your footsteps may not always be loud, your footprints leave a silent message of where your soul has travelled!
    Teresa recently posted..Data RecoveryMy Profile

  22. Hi Derricks,
    It’s your talent to make words from each alphabet of pencil and explain each word very beautifully. We should follow this pencil principles in our lives and yes, we could make our future bright if we use this principle.
    Syeda Mehwish recently posted..Moosejaw Coupon Code and ReviewMy Profile

  23. Hi Derricks
    You have dished up creation from the word PENCIL.Very happy to read your research.
    Azam recently posted..Being a Sales Rep for Silpada DesignsMy Profile

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