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As you may have realized by now, I guest posted on Zac Johnson’s blog last month and shared information on why bloggers don’t have a free report on their blogs. It took a little longer than we expected but we finally came to a consensus on who the winners are.

What was it about?

Let’s quickly look at the prerequisites stated in the post:

  • A blog at around six months old with targeted content written about your niche.
  • NOT have a free report on your blog now.
  • NOT have an email list yet.
  • Be hungry for success.
  • Be teachable.
  • Be committed to getting your free report done.

Prerequisites and how we chose.

Gail Gardner, in conversations between us and in the comment mentioned that the wording of those prerequisites regarding the six month period is confusing. It seems like I was saying  that we will accept only blogs of six month old. I meant that blogs should be at least 6 months old. That is a a misconception I will check in the next post I do for this kind of competition. Apologies for that.

Other things mentioned were that the rules may need to be bent and we have done that somewhat. Some we lightened and some we tightened. Let’s look at those:

  • We considered blogs entered that were less than six months old but that were providing great quality content nonetheless.
  • We have not considered blogs with eratic posts of once in two weeks or that haven’t posted for months.
  • If you looked like you were hungry for success and hustle to make your dreams come true, we chose you.
  • Some already have free reports and need them tweaked.
  • Others already have email lists but want the report done properly

Therefore it was difficult to choose since not SO many people participated but I think we made good choices for the winners. So, without further adieu.

Here are the winners…

…of a free mentoring program of having a free report for their blogs professionally done and the comment that got them the prize.

help free blog report

Gail Gardner

There are many blogs that are much older than six months that could really benefit from being chosen for your mentoring competition – mine for example. Even though I have known since the mid-1990s of the importance of using a report and building a list I have still never done it. While self-publishing now seems simple TO YOU, there are several reasons I haven’t done it yet and those reasons are also why other bloggers don’t. Here are some of those reasons:

  • We don’t know how – this is the big one!
  • You have to know how to upload whatever you want to offer – many bloggers don’t know how to do that.
  • You have to know how to get your offer to appear in your sidebar – many bloggers don’t know how to do that either.
  • You need to choose an autoresponder and know how to set it up. Again, we don’t know how.
  • You need something to manage your list. I’ve narrowed that down to FeedBlitz or AWeber and those I’ve asked say AWeber is far easier to figure out and use.
  • You need to be able to cover the overhead of having a subscription services which, although minimal, requires a consistent source of money and a way to pay for it.
  • This stops many – especially those in other countries with exchange rates that make USD expensive. (This will change as the dollar keeps sliding.)
  • You have to have some kind of software or app or whatever to compile the ebook. While most of us have the content already, getting it into an ebook format is foreign to us. Once again, we don’t know how to do that.

As you can see the bottom line is this is a complicated process that requires many new skills we do not currently have OR a mentor. That is where you come in. If you are willing to consider my blog which is already over two years old and mentor me we can use that ebook, my blog, and my reach online to promote Zac’s blog and your mentoring program too.

help free blog report

Jason from

My blog meets all the requirements as mentioned. I’m hungry for success as I have been trying for the past 4 years to make something of myself online. I won’t stop until my goal is complete.

I work on my blog during the nights as my construction day job slowly dwindles. I blog about something I’m really passionate about with the hopes of bringing in some additional income as my day job isn’t cutting it. I have scraped by at times investing what little I have on different aspects of the blog and tools.

I have been struggling with the free report and at this point this is what my blog desperately needs. I love my blog and I love the reaction I’m getting from my followers.

I would love nothing more then to get this aspect of my blog going with hopes of some additional revenue.



help free blog report

Dean Saliba from

I’ve thought about it, boy have I thought abou it, I’ve just never got round to it. It is on my ‘to-do’ list. Plus I’m not exactly sure what to put in it, maybe a free ebook containing some of my popular posts (and a few unpublished ones)?

help free blog report

Stephanie Kerwer from

I’d like to enter this competition! I am definitely hungry for success, teachable and committed 100% to getting my free report done.

But there are many rules I don’t follow… My blog is not 6 months yet… I have a small email list…

On the other hand, rules are made to be twisted and I could definitely use some help to write a free report and to setup an auto-responder as I am clearly lacking knowledge in this field…

The help and guidance you would provide could clearly help me in my challenge to reach moderate success with my blog in less than 12 months!

help free blog report

Brian Wolf from

I want to write a free ebook to build my brand and to build a subscriber database. My blog is in building because I don’t have “THE BLOG” but it put my heart in this :)

Minimum services.

As those who read the post and entered may have read, these are what I committed to. I, Ivin Viljoen will:

  • Guide you with writing the best report you can possibly compile.
  • Have it professionally proofread and edited.
  • Assist in formatting the document.
  • Help with the cover design.
  • Optimize affiliate links within the report.
  • Teach you how to set up your autoresponder program.
  • Provide advice on what to write for your 3 month autoresponder cycle with articles and affiliate products that fit your niche.
  • Get your report in the most visible positions on your blog to harvest the most sign ups.

Winners: Please acknowledge you have seen this through commenting below. Then sign into the program by going in below. Remember to sign up with your blog email so I can delete other people that aren’t winners of the competition.

Watch the blogosphere and my Twitter Account for more of these giveaways where I do a guest post. If you’d like me to guest post on your blog and share this competition and it’s freebies with your readers, simply leaving your request in the comment below.

[Just the winners are getting in here. If you're not a winner and you sing up, you will be deleted. Until I find another way to screen sign-ups]

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help free blog report

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  1. Awesome! I was surprised to see my logo on the list! Can’t wait to get started! Like to get this aweber account rolling as I’m paying for nothing.

    Cheers and Thank You!

  2. This is amazing news :) Thanks a lot for selecting Dukeo in your program and congratulations to the other people who have been selected.

    I’m looking forward to start working on my free report and auto-responder with you!

  3. Congratulations to my friend, Gail, and all the winners of this mentoring program! I think this is a wonderful thing to offer to people serious about growing not only their email lists but also their fan base.

    Ivin, I opted in for your “Self Publishing – How to” ebook. Thanks!
    (You may want to force the confirmation page to open in a new window, though. I was momentarily lost, trying to find my way back. LOL)


    Mitchell Allen recently posted..Newsstand and DeliverMy Profile

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